Warm Up Your Greenhouse with The Best Greenhouse Heater: Our Top 11 Picks Reviewed

Best Greenhouse Heater Featured

When the temperature drops and you are working in the greenhouse, you might wish to have the best greenhouse heater than a layer of cloth to stay warm.

You will want something that would not only keep you warm but also your plants. Seedlings plus end-of-season plants still need care, plus just the correct amount of heat.

A Greenhouse heater is a need for protecting vegetables as well as plants from cold weather. They aid in maintaining the right temperature for vegetable and plant growth. Investing in a good greenhouse heater is vital in confirming that your flowering or vegetable plants are protected from frost during winter.

Temperature control systems and Greenhouse heaters could also increase the air circulation inside the structure in summer. By dropping the humidity or wetness in your greenhouse, they could accelerate the growth of flowers plus seedlings.

You could have the best greenhouse lighting for plant growth; however, you still need a greenhouse heater. If you live in weather with cold seasons, Greenhouse heaters are a must.

Read expert reviews of the top-rated greenhouse heaters. Check the up-to-date prices to get a great deal!


Best Greenhouse Heater: Our Top 11 Picks Reviewed

Keep in mind that the type of greenhouse heater used depends on the buyer’s budget and the environment. Let us move on to several of the best greenhouse heaters available.


Bio Green PAL 2.0 Palma Greenhouse Heater with Digital Thermostat

Have you been in search of a sturdy and trustworthy heater for your greenhouse? If you replied yes, then your search finishes here. Look at the Bio Green Palma Heater with Digital Thermostat. Do not be misled by its compacted design. This heater does not waste energy.

Bio Green PAL 2.0 Palma Heater with Digital Thermostat


Bio Green electronic fan heater proves to be an outstanding addition to your greenhouse. It claims 2.0 kW heating, which would be more than sufficient for your requirements. It flows warm air fast and evenly to confirm that any cold air pocket is eliminated.

It is not that you like a heater that functions fine and looks excellent simultaneously. This floor standing heater is made mainly from stainless steel, giving it a deluxe appeal. Not to mention, it is very sturdy as well, giving you outstanding value for your cash.

The temperature precision of the Bio Green Palma Heater is just outstanding. Owing to this, expect a lesser energy consumption than other heaters on the marketplace. You can even set the temperature inside the minus array using the digital thermostat.

This space heater looks excellent where you decide to place it. It has a simple appearance that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. In addition, it has IPX4 overheat protection, which means it is splash-resistant in all directions.

While it is most widely used in greenhouses, the Bio Green Palma heater could also be placed in damper rooms similar to basements, garages, plus workshops. It’s portable; thus, you shouldn’t have difficulties moving it around


  • Engineered in Germany
  • Floor-standing Portable heater
  • Heats up 120 sq. ft of greenhouse shed
  • 1500W heating output
  • Energy saver
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Thermostatic control
  • Splash proof


  • Fairly expensive

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 Vornado MVH Best Vortex Greenhouse Heater

The MVH vortex heater is perfect for small space greenhouses. Three mode heater setting permits you to have improved control of thermostatic temperature according to the necessity. It is an effective means of decreasing energy costs plus consumption too.

 Vornado MVH Vortex Heater


The Vornado has a thermostatic temperature controlling knob so you could manage to heat the entire room as you need. It has an air circulation system that permits equal distribution of the warm air inside the greenhouse.

Unlike regular space heaters with coils to make intense heat that might provide variable heat, the MHV offers gentle heat inside the room.

The inner thermostat controller has seven diverse settings to confirm complete control over the heat intensity. With the Vornado cool-touch exterior design, the heater would remain cool from outside temperature even afterward hours of operation.

It mildly heats the room small to medium sized by its air circulation system. It would help in keeping the plants solid and warm, even in the significantly cooler winter regions.

Furthermore, with three heat settings, 750 W low, 1125W medium, plus 1500W high, you can modify heat efficiency plus maximum heat output in lower energy consumption.

It has so many inspiring things that offer comprehensive support to your greenhouse, from energy consumption toward heat control to automatic turn-off features.


  • Best for small greenhouses
  • 3 quiet heat settings (750W, 1125W, 1500W)
  • Contain heat supply over the room
  • Auto safety shut-off system
  • The five-year round guarantee period
  • Maximum warming temperature
  • Strong frame
  • Heating method: forced air
  • Tip-over protection
  • Integrated carrying handle


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Dr. Heater DR218-1500W Best Infrared Greenhouse Heater

Dr. Heater Greenhouse Heater is space-efficient, small greenhouse, and secure. You could make it work on almost any greenhouse, and it would surpass all your anticipations.

Dr. Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Infrared Heater


Dr. Heater DR218 Greenhouse Heater is a low-maintenance infrared heater. It gets better with the heavy duty ball-bearing motor, a surrounded motor build, and high-end lubrication. You will never require to do any maintenance or be concerned about its sturdiness.

And to make it more impressive, it boasts an IPX4 structure. So you will not have to be concerned about water splashes; even high humidity reasoning harms the piece.

As for heating performance, you get a suitable temperature sensor with adjustable thermostat control. So you could select almost any temp plus keep it steady for your plants to flourish inside the greenhouse.

It is a 1500-watts heater that could cover up to 150 square feet. You could use it in big or small greenhouses.

The Dr. Heater heavy duty heater keeps both features of being heavy-duty and easily portable. However, the device is pretty weighty because of the trolley with a handle plus wheels. You can roll it from one area to another in just a few moments, thus changing its location could not be easier. By the way, the wheels are prepared of rubberized plastic plus do not leave marks on the floor coverings; thus, there will be no worries of the wheels scuff up the floor.


  • Super-tough structure lasts a lifespan
  • 150 q. ft coverage
  • Real-world design for easy handling
  • Heating method: radiant
  • Works with average-sized greenhouses
  • Protection against water splashing
  • Offers constant heating performance


  • Comes with only one setting (1500 W)

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Comfort Zone CZ220 Fan-Forced Best Ceiling Mount Greenhouse Heater

The Comfort Zone CZ220 is a 5000-watt space-saving ceiling heater with a sturdy stainless steel structure and targeted heating. It is designed mainly for ceiling mounting plus hard-wired installation. Hang it straight from the greenhouse ceiling, and let it provide all the heat straight into your plants.

Comfort Zone CZ220 Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater


The Comfort Zone CZ220 has a double knob built in thermostat that permits you to adjust the temperature simply to just the faultless level for your garage otherwise space. There is an intelligent safety feature that instantly shuts off the fan-forced heater if it extends unsafe temperatures.

It ends up saving valued floor space in a packed garage, warehouse, workshop, or storage region.

Enjoy its manual controls, placed just underneath the heating element. Do not let it push warm air to a place you do not want. And if you require even more versatility, use the adjustable mounting handle to change its angle though you prefer.

You do not have to be frightened about it being too powerful. It uses 240-volt power to heat up. However, it is still super-safe because of the in-built sensor and power light, preventing overheating and letting you know while it is on.

It is also made from superior steel so you could enjoy a long-term product. So do not be frightened about it breaking down afterward a few months (it will not rust either!).

It is a commercial heater that works in large or small greenhouses with no difficulties.


  • Perfect for the largest greenhouses
  • Forced air heating method
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Targeted heating with a variable mounting angle direct airflow
  • Dual knob thermostat
  • Smart safety features
  • Simple manual controls


  • Consumes lots of electricity
  • It cannot be used as a floor standing heater

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Avenger FDT3IR Best Dual Fuel Ventless Greenhouse Infrared Heater

Avenger FDT3IR is a compacted heater designed for a large greenhouse. It has a heating capacity of up to 30,000BTUs, adequate for rooms of up to 1400sqft. This heater runs on fuels, not using electricity. If you do not have a power supply in your greenhouses no requisite to install one. This heater serves the purpose perfectly.

Avenger FDT3IR Dual Fuel Ventless Infrared Heater


Budget-savvy planters will perhaps appreciate this tube greenhouse heater. It has an intelligent price; however, it is one of the most significant energy-efficient in the marketplace.

Coming in three sizes which output from 45 to 135 watts, this tubular unit is perfect for smaller atmospheres. However, its efficiency mainly depends on the proportions of the greenhouse and the external temperatures.

On the bright side, the unit is easy to link to a built-in thermostat and could be programmed to switch on only throughout the nighttime. With the fan on, the product offers air circulation at a rate of 163 cubic meters per hour.

As there is no temperature control feature, the tube gets very hot when in function. It is recommended to install it at a distance from any flammable materials, including tent fabric, plastics, and plants.

Efficiency is the radiant heat technology that transmits heat to the stuff rather than the air. It stops the emergence of any hot spots and heat dissipation. Also, the product is splash-resistant plus does a great job of shielding plants from frost.


  • 9% efficient with Dual Precision Ported Vent Free gas burner
  • Low energy consumption of below 50 watts per square foot creates this tube heater tremendously energy efficient.
  • Compact plus easy to install even in the most miniature transportable greenhouses.
  • Delivers a steady environment, keeping the temperature above 0°C in the coolest winter months.
  • Low-cost heater for extra-large greenhouses
  • No electricity connection required
  • Support 5 heat settings
  • Wall mounting accessories incorporated


  • Does not come with temp control and is not mainly effective in heating the atmosphere
  • It has to be plugged in continually to maintain a controlled environment

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ISILER Best Space Greenhouse Heater

This compacted small heater deserves its place on this list. The manufacturers offer a 3-month money-back warranty on this item, which is rare when purchasing electric heaters.

ISILER Space Heater


ISILER greenhouse heater comes with built-in thermostatic control. It usages an intelligent power cycle toward conserving energy. While initially turned on, it would take a few minutes to warm up. When warmed up, the unit would then heat the atmosphere in bursts. It moreover features a heat cutoff to stop this unit from overheating and causing a fire.

It is a small heater that will offer safe, low heat for your greenhouse, permitting it to be used for an extended period. The heater warms up the atmosphere fast, coming with a built-in thermostat that spontaneously switches on and off before essential to keep the greenhouse temperature continuous. It saves you the irritation to confirm the temperature stays optimum manually.

It is splash-proof plus fixed with an easy to regulate knob for manual temperature tunings if necessary. The tubular heater designs combine function with graphic aesthetics plus blend in easily with your greenhouse space. It is straightforward toward setting up with just a few simple tools plus utterly safe around your kids or pets.

At 80 watts, the energy consumption is lower, and the escorting wall mounting brackets mean assembly is comparatively simple.

It is faultless to search for something that would not break the bank, though it still gives you the development you seek.


  • Small Design
  • Thermostatic Control
  • little maintenance need
  • Spreads heat consistently within a few seconds
  • UL and ETL guarantee offers more excellent reliability
  • Low noise heater
  • Fan incorporated in the package
  • No overheating issues
  • Consumes less power
  • Three months money-back warranty


  • Multiple units are required for medium space
  • Only splash-proof, not waterproof

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Power Best Electric Heater Fan for Greenhouse

The iPower is an electric heater greatest for a small spacious greenhouse. It features an adjustable temperature controller that aids in controlling the temperature according to requirements. Waterproof design makes it perfect for use in areas like a greenhouse, tents, plus other places.

iPower Electric Heater Fan for Greenhouse


The heaters are a perfect choice for greenhouse heating. It is suitable for applications that need safe, low-wattage background heating for localized frost protection.

It is perhaps the finest greenhouse heater in terms of thermostatic control. The ECOT has six adjustable heat output settings. It permits you to have much more accurate control over the temperature your bell peppers withstand. Compared with inexpensive greenhouse heaters that use paraffin-fueled heating elements, precise temperature control becomes a valuable feature.

Discreet mounting brackets for walls; otherwise, floors are included. The cable entry is reversible left otherwise suitable, which offers you the liberty to install this anywhere you like. This heater does, though, have to be installed parallel.

As you would anticipate, it includes a thermal overload cutout for overheat protection and is entirely splash-resistant. A range of guards is also accessible to fit these tubular heaters.


  • Accessible in 1ft or 2ft
  • Accurate thermostatic control
  • Reversible cable entry
  • It helps stop the damage from frost and dampness
  • Fan for instant cooling
  • Waterproof design for comprehensive safety


  • A bit pricier than others
  • Too small for big space rooms

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Home Choice Space Greenhouse Heater

If you have inadequate space in your greenhouse, the Home Choice Space Heater is a great space-saving alternative. You can search their website in this browser and get their features.

Home Choice Space Heater


This Home Choice Space Heater comes with an outstanding slimline design. Consequently, it should not mess your greenhouse and fit tidily against the walls; otherwise, on a pre-constructed heating, your greenhouse rack. For installation, it moreover includes all the essential brackets and screws.

Home Choice Space Heater is an energy-efficient plus fully-assembled heater with three heat settings: low heat (750-watt), high heat (1500-watt), and fan-only. The adjustable thermostat will keep the temperature comfy. You could set the dial to the desired heat setting for a perfect temperature.

The advanced ceramic heating element provides more rapid performance and much heat without open coils. For optimal level performance, use the heater on a dry level away from walls.

In terms of heating, this unit also has an energy-efficient design. It is furthermore robust. It means that it would not get hurt if it is sprayed with water unintentionally, for instance. Required fields are marked here.

We like this greenhouse heater; however, you might need a couple of them intentionally placed in more giant greenhouses. Furthermore, some clientele has experienced delivery problems resulting in broken heaters. Finally, the power cable might be sensitive to movement, plus turn off the heater if attuned.

It is both a reasonable and effective solution, with a 55-watt capacity plus a built-in thermostat. It automatically switches on plus off to control the temperature inside your greenhouse, confirming that it maintains pre-set optimum conditions in place without getting too hot otherwise too cold. It furthermore helps on energy saving, aiding to keep those bill costs down.

It is splash-proof and water-resistant, confirming it is not a safety hazard to kids or pets. The attached brackets guarantee they can be fixed simply to the wall; however, they also come with rubber feet to facilitate placement on the floor. It moreover has a one-and-a-half-meter cord.

It is perfect for someone seeking a fast little boost, as the wattage provides more miniature greenhouses.


  • It has an in-built thermostat to help maximize energy efficiency
  • It comes as regular with brackets for wall mounting
  • Simple design with an efficient heating element
  • The tip-over switch shuts down while tilted or tipped
  • Sturdily constructed for convenience
  • ETL-certified
  • Lightweight plus portable


  • Might need multiple for more extensive greenhouses
  • Noisy

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Aikoper Electric Space Heater

Aikoper Electric Heater has a PTC ceramic heating system with a fan for the dispersion of the heat evenly. It works fast, warming up the area in no time, and features four heat settings low, medium, plus high, and a fan mode.

Aikoper Electric Space Heater


The Elixir Gardens TH03B is our selection for the best tube heater. If you want a simple greenhouse heating component that is easy to use plus install, this is a great choice.

You could set the temperature using the adjustable thermostat. The radical overheat protection sensor will stop the machine if there is overheating.

This greenhouse heater works excellently as a lower-energy heating solution. Moreover, it is easy to assemble, plus the wall brackets supplied are easy to fit. It could be installed in many diverse ways, but the perfect stance is vertical.


  • Includes all requisite fixings to fitting the greenhouse walls
  • Tube heater
  • Heating method: forced air
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Energy-efficient heat output
  • Waterproof to endure greenhouse water loss
  • Low cost


  • The power cord might not be last long
  • Noisy

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Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Best Propane Greenhouse Heater

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B is a compacted and effective greenhouse heater with a robust design and a low-energy use for cost-effective operation.

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater


This Mr. Heater product would quickly decrease condensation and wetness in your greenhouse and benefit keep your plants at the best growing temperature. It has a robust design and is water resistant.

The brackets for mounting are moreover durable and are finished from metal. It should mean that you could install it within no time at all. In terms of the heating constituent, it offers 45W and runs on an amp grade of just 0.02amp. Consequently, it should provide decent heat without costing prosperity to run.

It is one of the most dependable gas heaters accessible in the market. It is small in size plus safe to use in indoor spaces similar to greenhouses.

It can simply heat a greenhouse; otherwise, any other indoor space of 95 sq ft. Though it’s a propane heater, it does not emit any spiteful odor while operating.


  • Energy-efficient heater to decrease energy usage and bills
  • Waterproof
  • The end fixing brackets are sturdy and robust
  • Relatively easy and fast to install
  • Heat setting of 3800 BTU per hour
  • Simple operation by a single on/off button
  • Compact plus lightweight
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • No unfriendly smell
  • Heats the greenhouse very fast


  • The propane cylinder is comprised
  • The buttons on the heater are very stiff

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AKUSAKO Best Electric Greenhouse Heater with Digital Thermostat Controller

You will be able to pick and manage the ambient temperature for the optimal rooting temperature with the Digital Thermostat Controller that is included with this device. This will allow you to accelerate the growth of seedlings or cuttings. It is adaptable with a wide variety of other heating pads.

AKUSAKO Electric Greenhouse Heater with Digital Thermostat Controller


The temperature probe is of professional grade and is waterproof. It has the ability to power heating equipment in response to changing environmental conditions. It is easy to use; all you need to do is plug it in and start using it. You can measure temperatures in both centigrade and Fahrenheit with it, and you can also calibrate values with it.

The heater has a built-in temperature restriction thermostat, which means that it will turn off by itself if it reaches a temperature that could cause it to overheat, so safeguarding the circuit. The heater also has a special characteristic that makes it waterproof, making it appropriate for use in damp settings such as greenhouses, planting tents, flower rooms, and other settings.

Depending on the level of insulation in the room, the heater has the potential to heat an area of up to 175 square feet relatively quickly while using very little energy. It is perfect for use in garages, milk sheds, workshops, and greenhouses.

This heater has a design that prevents it from slipping, and it does so by having four pieces of non-slip foam attached to the bottom of the heater. This helps the heater to be more stable. The handle is where the plastic railings are constructed, which not only makes carrying it more comfortable but also makes it appear more attractive.

For the essential heating and cooling, you will have the choice between a cold and a hot option. This flexible modification of the amount of power generated by the wind is more convenient and useful.

Additionally, Akusako values feedback from customers regarding their products. You are free to get in touch with them at any moment if you have any inquiries regarding this amazing greenhouse heater.


  • Temperature can be easily adjusted
  • Comes with overheat protection
  • Waterproof
  • Heats the area up quickly
  • High-quality after sales service
  • Anti-slip design
  • Amazing versatility
  • Easy to use


  • Users reported issues with durability
  • Expensive

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Buying Guide for Greenhouse Heater

When it comes to selecting an add-on heating system for your greenhouse, there are definite features to consider. Herein are some valuable tips to help you with buying a suitable greenhouse heater.

Take note of these issues to get the value for every dollar spent without pointless expenses.


Type of Greenhouse Heaters

Familiar with the features you require to consider? If yes, let us now provide you a heads-up on the diverse heaters you would encounter:

Fan-Forced Heaters

As the name says, they have an internal fan plus a steel heating element. The component produces the heat, as well as the fan disperses this around.

Ceramic Space Heaters

Alike to fan heaters; however, the heating element is made of ceramic. Ceramic heaters are frequently much more effective and consume a negligible amount of electricity.

Infrared Heaters

There are no fans otherwise heating system elements inside these heaters. They use electromagnetic radioactivity from a bulb in its place. This bulb tends to be long-term, efficient, plus quick to heat up.


Geographical Place and Zone

The geographical site of your greenhouse specifies the local climatic pattern in a precise zone. It shows the time for which you need supplemental heating for your greenhouse crops.


The Size of the Greenhouse

When you start seeking greenhouse heaters, emphasize the size they are designed for. Greenhouse sizes could vary; therefore, a precise heater may not be appropriate for a different sized greenhouse.

The greenhouse heaters are accessible in numerous sizes depending upon the heating region; otherwise, the volume of air it could heat up. To get the faultless heater size, you need to measure the dimensions of your greenhouse. Just multiply the height from width to length of your glass room toward measuring the volume of air inside.


Essential Temperature for the Plants

The temperature you requisite to maintain depends on the plant type you intend to grow in the greenhouse. If you are growing seeds, set a higher temperature toward warming up the soil, plus speed up the germination procedure.


Type of Plants in The Greenhouse

Your choice of heater furthermore depends on the kind of plant you are growing in the greenhouse.

Some plants need more warmth than others; so, it is significant to compare the temperature settings of the heater with the temperature necessities of your plants.


Kind of Insulation Sheets

Before buying the heater, the kind of polycarbonate sheets or wraps used for insulation across the walls is another significant consideration.

Suppose you already have insulation sheets connected to the whole greenhouse. In that case, it is essential to determine the heat holding capacity of the material. Some superior insulation materials are accomplished of retaining heat for an extended period than others.


Weight & Material of the Greenhouse Heater

Horticulturists frequently commend mounting the greenhouse heater from the ceiling. It depends on the heating unit model you have bought. If it is too heavy or oversized, it can be risky and hard to mount the heater from the ceiling.


Position of Windows, Doors, and Vents

It is a factor of emphasis on selecting the most acceptable position to place the heater. It is always suggested to install the heater away from windows, doors, and vents to stop heat loss. The best electric greenhouse heaters will consume more electricity to maintain the essential temperature if it is located near the windows, doors, and ventilators.

The outlets, particularly the doors, are often opened for numerous purposes, including airing. If the heater is positioned near an opening, the heat will escape fast.


The Heating Efficiency

The heating capacity plays a vibrant role when purchasing a heater for the greenhouse. Watts is a thermal unit that is used to measure the heating capability of the heater. Preferably, the heaters come in an extensive range of 750W toward 3000W.

If you have a lesser space greenhouse of 400sq ft. or even less, it will be great to have a 1500W heater. It will be adequate to have for your greenhouse. If you have a large size greenhouse, then desire to have a heater with more heating capability.

British Thermal Unit, or BTU, is the amount for the heating efficiency. In brief, BTU determines how much energy the heater needs to increase the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1°F.

Based on the dimension for each product, you can recognize the amount of energy the unit needs to reach the labeled temperature. So, you could pick up the most energy-efficient heater yet still robust sufficient to warm up your greenhouse.


Safety Features

Safety comes first while we are going to purchase any electronic items, particularly heaters. A perfect greenhouse must-have safety features are similar to a thermostat controller, auto-shutoff function, and heat-resistant frame that confirms the users’ comprehensive safety while operating it.

Suppose somehow, the temperature surpasses, or any dangerous condition rises. In that case, these safety features confirm shutting off the heater plus electric heaters supply to evade these situations.

Thus, you need to check these safety features in the heater that provide safety to the operator.


Temperature Regulating Feature

The next significant thing to ponder is the thermostat adjusting feature. Preferably, the temperature setting tuning features to aid in adjusting the temperature according to the ecological state of the greenhouse.

Furthermore, this will help regulate the temperature of the greenhouse, plus if the temperature surpasses the setting, this would automatically shut off the heater. The thermo-regulation is vital to maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse according to your requirement.


Noise-free Operation

Numerous greenhouse heaters come with noise-free action features. This feature is valuable to have as it aids in avoiding the distressing operating sound of the heater fan. Ideally, there are numerous models of the greenhouse heater accessible that come with a noise-free running feature.

Thus, if you need a greenhouse heater to purchase, make sure to have this feature.


Compacted Size

The greenhouse heater must be compacted and portable sufficient to carry it anyplace fast in the greenhouse. Moreover, the small sized greenhouse heaters are easy to function as well. On the other side, the large heater is neither portable to carry nor might consume lots of space in the greenhouse.

So, be sure to have those heaters compacted and easy to transport in the greenhouse.


Air Ventilation Level

When heating the greenhouse, you require an appropriate ventilation system to avoid overheating the plants. The ventilation level moreover depends on the weather at the geographical location.

Generally, a small greenhouse has 1 vent at the side plus 2 on the roof. Automatic vents are the most suitable as they open and close as per the ambient temperature.


Area of The Plant Growing Zone

It can be determined by the number of plants you are growing. If you have fewer plants in a big room, you might keep a smaller compartment inside the greenhouse or generate partitions. Keep the plants together in place of spreading in the whole room. It requires less heat; thus, you can select the best heater for a small greenhouse to save cash on fuel or electricity.

Depending on the site of the growing zone, you can decide the position of your heater and install the arrangement for the power supply. 



The warranty plays a notable role in having a premium greenhouse heater. Typically, the greenhouses come with five otherwise fewer years’ guarantee period. It will aid you in keeping yourself free from replacement annoyances.


Heating Speed

There is no way to measure how fast the greenhouse heats. However, taking a look at how much power it offers could be a great idea.

The more power the heater gives, the quicker it would heat up. Furthermore, consider how BIG the heater is. Small ones would struggle to heat up fast.

Consider how cold the area you are placing the greenhouse is. Cold atmospheres tend to make heaters heat up lots slower (so you might need a faster-to-heat model).


Power Rating

This is just the measure of the heaters’ capability to heat up. You should use energy-efficient greenhouse heaters since they guarantee maximum power for energy consumed while operating the heater.

With each heater on the marketplace, they will have a power rating, plus it’s usually listed in kilowatts (kW). For the majority, they are likely to offer something between 1kW and 3kW; this is a massive difference for your greenhouse. If you have a small greenhouse, you will not need a tremendously powerful heater; however, it might be worth investing in one with diverse power settings in case you have strategies for a giant greenhouse in the future.



Price is the next consideration when purchasing a greenhouse heater. Before you start looking for heaters, choose a budget to make things easier for yourself.

The prices for greenhouse heaters could vary greatly depending on the size, power rating, and space it covers. Having a budget in mind would help you filter out pointless options from the list.

Be eager to set a price range beforehand you start looking; otherwise, you might get side-tracked by the costlier models. Depending on your necessities, a heater could cost below £50, or it might extend outside £120, so choose the most significant factors for you and stick to your decision.


Ease of use

Ease of use is probably an essential consideration and is fundamentally one of the most significant for less mobile users.

Paraffin and Propane heaters could be efficient and rapidly raise the temperature of your plants. This comes at the cost of more labor involved in refilling them and monitoring them carefully to stop a fire hazard.


Not all greenhouse heaters are similar. They vary in terms of features, heating capability, and other features. In our review, we have typically suggested models that feature an in-built thermostat plus a high-speed fan. These two features are significant to heat your greenhouse quicker and saving electricity.

When selecting, it is highly suggested to check with the purchaser about the area; the concerned heater keeps warm even below tremendously low temperatures.

We recommend measuring your greenhouse beforehand and comparing this to the airflow promised on numerous models to keep things simple. If the coverage is sufficient, you can be glad it will work inside the area you have accessible. Recall, insulation is a significant consideration since insulated greenhouses will not require powerful heaters.

Today, maximum of us have what the business considers ‘small’ greenhouses and most 2kW heaters permit for a competent job. If you genuinely aren’t definite which model to select, speak with specialists in the store, read reviews online, and talk to preceding customers (as well as friends and family!).


How can I heat my greenhouse cheaply?

Ans: More natural heating system and humidity solution is using compost. As the compost decays in a container placed inside the greenhouse, the ingredients generate heat. This heat develops and warms the instant area around the container. Compost offers a small amount of moisture, as the damp materials evaporate moisture, similar to essential soil. If the greenhouse has a concrete floor, adding numerous compost containers through the space will add a significant amount of moisture to the air. Greenhouse with soil floors tends to have more wetness naturally from evaporative procedures at the ground level.

How much does it cost for a greenhouse heater?

Ans: 1500-watt electric greenhouse heater for your greenhouse might consume anyplace from $2 to $15 every 24 hours. It depends on the electric heaters rate in your area.

Should you use the natural gas heater in a greenhouse?

Ans: We don’t recommend natural gas heaters since they are more dangerous. As greenhouses are frequently small and walled, they trap toxic fumes and smoke from the natural gas burning. It might destroy some plant types.

What is the best heater for the more miniature greenhouse?

Ans: The Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heaters are perfect for a small greenhouse. This space heater is simply 9 inches tall; however, it forces out the heat. It has 1500 watts of heat and is the perfect magnitude for young seedlings to put on a table. It has two fan sets but 11 delicate heating options.

What is the cheapest greenhouse heater to run?

Ans: A paraffin greenhouse heater is inexpensive to buy and is the low-priced greenhouse heater to run.

What is the perfect temperature for a greenhouse?

Ans: It depends on the number of plants. You require to adapt the temperature to your plants’ requirements over anything else. Usually, people use greenhouses to retain temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees in cold areas.

What kind of heater is perfect for a greenhouse?

Ans: Greenhouses work better with fan-forced heaters since they flow the air much more efficiently than other kinds.

Where to place a greenhouse heater?

Ans: It is significant to place your space heater in a central spot in your greenhouse, which is open plus away from water. To improve the general effect, you could angle it to reach plants that like to be warmer, plus away from those that like their atmosphere colder.

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