Best Landscaping Fabric For Your Garden: Get The Weeds Out of Your Concern By Blocking Them

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The best landscaping fabric helps you get rid of weeds, but most people don’t think about them at first. When it comes to getting free of weeds from your garden, you could pull them out by hand or try various tools such as a weeder or weed puller. The difficulty with pulling weeds by hand is that it takes lots of work to remove weeds in a big space. Generally, people do not have the time!

A quick and easy solution to removing weeds in big outdoor spaces without herbicides is installing weed blockade landscape fabric. Landscape fabric works by blocking the sun, stifling weeds; thus, they do not grow back.

Most landscape fabrics are made with polypropylene fabric or polyester. These fibers are strong, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and commonplace wear and tear for years. But some landscape fabrics are completed with thin bonded plastic; however, others are denser.

Starting a landscaping work on your yard needs planning and the correct tools. If you are laying new yard paving or building a new flowerbed, start with the project by making the ground and laying some landscaping fabric to stop weeds.


Best Landscape Fabric Reviews: Our Top 8 Picks

We searched online for the landscape fabrics we might find. We have options for the greatest overall, premium, as well as budget products. Select the one that suits your landscaping requirements


ECOgardener Premium 5oz Best Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric

At present, ECOgardener is one of the finest weed barrier fabric brands on the market. This Ecogardener premium 5oz landscape fabric is professional-grade landscape fabric.

ECOgardener Premium 5oz Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric


This ECOgardener fabric is lightweight but sturdy and heavy-duty, and it offers greater fabric for weed control. Also, it is super easy to use and long-lasting, which means the Ecogardener premium weed blocking fabric will deliver a weed shield for a long time.

The ECOgardener weed control fabric is chemical-free, plus it let air and water through. Furthermore, it keeps weeds away from the lawn for a long time. Therefore, it is perfect for both cold and hot weather.

This existing pack has 4ft by 250 ft. fabric roll but also accessible in 3ftx100ft, 3ftx50ft, 3ftx250ft, 4ftx50ft, 4ftx100ft.

Suppose you are tired of weeds and want to protect your garden, courtyard, or home garden without chemicals. In that case, you could try this eco-friendly Ecogardener landscape weed barrier fabric.


  • It offers perfect weed control for a long time
  • Accessible in many diverse sizes
  • It is super easy to use
  • The heavy-duty fabric lets the water and air pass-through
  • It is one of the most professional landscaping ground cover fabrics
  • The product is eco friendly
  • It is chemical-free
  • It comes with a money-back warranty


  • Some planters found that few weeds still develop through

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Mutual WF200 Best Polyethylene Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric

Mutual Industries Woven Geotextile Landscaping Fabric is a great choice for people with large gardens as this is one of the bigger fabrics on the market.

Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Weed Barrier Fabric


This garden weed barrier fabric is 6 feet in width as well as 300 feet in length. It is also one of the expensive options, but that is since the design is made for professional-level planters.

The woven fabrics aid in holding the soil in place. Also, this heavy-duty fabric could be used under stones, paving, and other landscaping features to anchor them.

Mutual Fabric aids in saving both time and money. It will last for manifold years and provide supreme weed control. You will end up spending less on the fabric than you would on herbicides, and you will also suffer a lot less frustration.

The weed control fabric extends the life of your surface soil. It furthermore stabilizes the foundation of your garden plus separates the growing layer from the mulch above.

This 6 x 30 feet fabric is a great choice for vegetable gardens constructed on slopes. The fabric could hold the soil in place to stop it from eroding throughout rainstorms and wind events.


  • This heavy-duty weed fabric is constructed to keep soil from eroding
  • It’s a good choice if your garden is on a slope
  • The product is strong and sufficient to act as an anchor for landscaping components like rocks and paving stones
  • It is one of the biggest standard sizes on the market, so it is great for gardeners who need to cover a big area


  • It may be bigger and more heavy-duty landscape fabric than the regular suburban gardener with level yard requirements.

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Scotts 25-Year Landscaping Fabric

Scotts Pro Fabric boasts of long life – up to 25 years plus is wear and tear-resistant. It keeps even the strong weeds out and is extremely heavy-duty. It is the greatest weed block for flower beds.

Scotts 25-Year Landscaping Fabric


The heavy-duty landscaping barrier is recognized specifically for flower beds since it stops the development of grass right from its surface, leaving you with a lovely garden. All you have to do to have a beautiful garden is to staple the barrier into the soil plus cut out the parts where you want to grow your plants and flowers.

If you do not want to change barriers from now and then and want to trust that it is doing its job correctly, this is the product you need to purchase. It keeps the garden attractive without much maintenance.

This weed control fabric is very easy to install and use. Its lightweight construction helps in the high mobility of the product. You could take the barrier with you to places without experiencing any pain or annoyance at all.

The only difficulty is that of pooling. Even though it takes a while to start seeing visible effects, this is somewhat you must be cautious about. Also, some weeds manage to raise anyhow, but this is a rarity.


  • It comes with a warranty that the product would last for a quarter of a century, making it a safe purchase
  • It is a good idea for the big garden and flower bed
  • The material lets air and humidity into the soil keeping the plants safe
  • Easy to install and easy to cut
  • It can also be used for ornamental landscaping


  • While air is let in effortlessly, water takes a long time to seep in
  • More strong varieties of weeds could still find a way to grow

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Dewitt 12YR450 Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric

This barrier has the greatest weed control membrane and is mostly used in sunny areas where sunlight could help grow plants. The barricade is UV resistant, so weeds cannot grow.

Dewitt 12YR450 Weed Barrier Fabric


Dewitt Landscape Fabric lasts a little longer than a decade. It has three-ply weed protection sustaining a great diversity of possible harm. Accompanied by this, the fabric is dense, durable, and lightweight confirming that no weed crosses it.

It blocks UV rays with its upper layer, which is made of a carbon black material. Such opaque materials made of carbon permit zero penetration of rays. Subsequently, weeds cannot feed on anything for survival.

It could resist UV rays and sunlight, giving sufficient protection even in very sunlit areas. It is also sturdy and long-lasting, making this blockade a fine choice to purchase.


  • The product is very dense and blocks grass and most weeds
  • It has sunlight as well as UV resistance
  • It stops unraveling and has an exclusive 3-layer design to aid in preventing weeds
  • The non-woven fabric allows air and water to pass through


  • Its thickness makes it a durable fabric to cut
  • It cannot last more than 12 years

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Amagabeli Landscape Fabric Best Heavy-Duty Weed Barrier

Amagabeli is a decade-old firm specializing exclusively in outdoor lawn care products. However, it makes it a point to offer high-quality performance for all of its goods. In this regard, it merely makes sense that the Amagabeli heavy-duty weed barrier is the densest model at a whopping 5.8 Oz/yd².

Amagabeli Heavy Duty Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric


It is easy to recognize its thickness as this weed barrier fabric is made of polypropylene and polyester. The Amagabeli garden weed barrier offers a dual-layer structure instead of just weaving the 2 fabrics together.

As if that were not sufficient, this weed barrier furthermore employs the woven, needle-punch design to offer as much penetrability as possible. With this design, the width of the Amagabeli weed barrier limits the permeability far more than the other fabrics we met.

The Amagabeli weed barrier comes in four diverse sizes to suit your plot. It is UV-treated to protect it from the sun.


  • Amagabeli weed barrier Is 5.8 oz/yd²; thickest landscape fabric
  • It Has a woven needle punched design
  • This Have a dual-layer structure
  • The weed barrier Has UV treatments
  • Made of polyester and polypropylene or PP woven
  • The weed barrier Comes in 4 diverse sizes


  • It Is more costly than other fabrics
  • The weed barrier is not the most permeable

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Goasis Lawn Non-woven Best Weed Barrier Control Landscape Fabric

Goasis is one of the few firms on our list that functions strictly as a factory-to-customer wholesaler. However, this benefits the brand to offer a more wide-ranging product line. Without concern about storage or shelving space, the professional-grade Goasis Lawn weed barrier could supply many varieties.

Goasis Lawn Non-woven Weed Barrier Control Fabric


With 8 diverse sizes to select from, you could get rolls varying from 3′ to 5′ in width and 100 to 300 inches in length to suit the size of your garden. This pro garden weed barrier is made of super-density polypropylene fabric, providing a bit more sturdiness than some of its contestants.

Though, it is worth noting that the Goasis Lawn weed barrier is not approximately as thick as some of its counterparts, coming in at only 3.7 oz/yd². It is all the more disappointing as this weed barrier tends to be rather costly, depending on the size you buy – though it offers the biggest size available.

Still, the Goasis Lawn weed barrier earns some respect back because of the inclusion of UV treatments to stop sun damage. Even better, this is one of the few weed barriers we saw, with some of the thickest and most robust stakes as well.


  • It has UV treatments
  • The weed barrier is made of high-density polypropylene fabric
  • It has alignment strips
  • Goasis Lawn has strong stakes
  • Goasis Lawn Fabric comes in 8 diverse sizes
  • Easy installation


  • This Is more costly
  • Goasis Lawn is Not the thickest fabric

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Agfabric Best Landscape Ground Cover Fabric

This landscape fabric under a rock has several sizes; thus, you can customize it to suit your requirements.

Agafabric Ground Cover is designed to be a longstanding solution to weed control. This heavy-duty landscape fabric has lines with printed rows that make it easy to get your plants or flowers precisely straight or plan out a flawlessly symmetrical garden.

Agfabric Landscape Ground Cover


Agafabric Ground Cover is also biodegradable; thus, you won’t have to be concerned about harming the atmosphere. It is the finest landscape fabric under stone and rock.

If you plan to cut this landscape fabric, the ends could start to fray, leading to sturdiness issues or issues with having stray pieces on your lawn. Also, if you plan to plant bigger plants, you cannot use the lines as an effective guide; thus, this makes part of the original use ineffectual.

This erosion control fabric is only good for one or two growing seasons beforehand. You have to substitute it, and it fades faster with direct sunlight coverage. It also does not hold up to repeated heavy traffic fines, and it could develop weak spots that tear.

We commend this weed control fabric for somebody who wants to plan out their shrubbery and uses smaller plants, otherwise shrubs.


  • It is plastic-based but woven
  • You get lines to aid you to plan your garden
  • The fabric is individually treated against deterioration caused by UV stabilized lights
  • You could rest assured that your lawn will be kept clean from unwelcome weeds
  • Because of the high-strength woven weed fabric, this product is heavy-duty


  • It might not let enough water through

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HOOPLE Best Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric

A high-quality weed-blocking landscape fabric, the HOOPLE Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric is built to last. This landscape fabric’s thickness is significantly greater than that of conventional weed barriers. Compared to other landscape fabrics, this one is thicker by at least two to three times.

HOOPLE Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric


It is able to withstand enormous loads, such as walkways, because of its high thickness. More ground may be protected with this weed barrier, which is 4 feet wide by 180 feet long. The Hoople Garden brand also offers a 32-inch by 180-foot variant in addition to its original size.

The nonwoven material is used in the HOOPLE Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric, which makes it extremely flexible. With its great degree of elasticity, this barrier can handle heavy loads. It is also water-permeable, which easily allows water and air to move through. This permeable element will provide entrance to the water to reach plants’ roots, leading to improved development.

Weight-wise, this HOOPLE Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric measures out at 10.23 pounds. It was the weight of this weed barrier that helped it adhere to the soil. Additionally, this weed blocker is UV-stabilized, which is a notable characteristic. This feature protects the plants from harmful UV rays by obstructing them from the sun.

Landscape fabric from HOOPLE Garden’s Weed Barrier line is perfect for flower beds that need to be kept weed free. This weed barrier will make your grass look much nicer because it will prevent weed development.

With the Hoople Garden unit, you can get up and running in no time at all! You may simply roll it out and secure it in the desired location. Installing this weed barrier does not require the services of a professional. This weed barrier is also an environmentally friendly product because of its chemical-free nature. It will not harm your yard’s ecosystem and will help your plants thrive.

Hoople Garden gives a five-year warranty on this product because of its superior quality. Overall, it’s an excellent weed barrier, although its greater thickness may make cutting it more difficult.


  • High-quality flexible material
  • Great thickness
  • Significant durability
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to set up


  • Drains slowly because of the high thickness
  • Cutting into suitable chunks may be difficult

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Buying Guide of The Best Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric helps you confirm that any weeds that might spring up in your flower beds or yards are cut off from the sunlight along with the oxygen that they require to survive. They also work to stop any new weed growth since it will prevent any weed seeds from taking hold in the soil also growing.

Below, we have discussed the considerations you need to keep in mind while shopping for a new landscape fabric.


Average Price and The Fabric Composition

For the most part, the weed control fabric comes from compactly woven fibers or as a solid sheet of durable materials with pre-punched holes that let water flow over the soil rapidly and easily. Also, some fabric kinds come with a special UV-resistant covering to help protect your fabric from damage from sun disclosure. You can purchase folded sheets or rolls that come in numerous sizes and thicknesses. Typically, it is around three to four feet wide plus up to 200 or 300 feet long.

The cost of your fabric does vary, but it typically starts at about $0.45 per square foot. And this could go up to about $0.85 to $0.90 per square foot. The fabric’s thickness and the particular brand will play greatly into the final value per square foot.


Maintenance of The Fabric

Some fabric comes with precise maintenance routines, and it is very important that you check what your specific brand needs to confirm that it lasts as long as possible. It is where things similar to an additional UV covering or the fabric’s breadth comes into consideration.

The more protection coatings the fabric has, the thicker it is, and the better it would stand up to usual wear and tear or ecological exposures.


Fabric Thickness

Thicker landscape fabric will cost more, and it is typically bulkier and more hard for one person to handle on their own. However, it can be a better choice for stopping weeds from sprouting.

It will usually have an extended usage life than thinner fabrics. Over time, it could save you money since you will not have to be concerned about replacing it every season, let alone every two seasons.


Fabric Weight and Ease of Use

Along with the material, you need to make certain it is an adequately thick fabric. For that, nothing will provide you with a better idea than its weight.

Most makers specify the weight in an ounce. Others like to use Gram per Square Meter (GSM). You should go for materials with 3 ounces or 100 GSM. Anything less than that would be too thin, delicate, and likely to last merely a few months.

But you should not pick fabrics too dense either. Going over 5 ounces or 150 GSM could also be awkward. These fabrics would be too heavy and thick, making them tough to spread and roll in your garden.


Fabric Length and Breadth

Finally, consider how long and how wide you want the landscape fabric.

They typically come as wide as 3 feet; even however some can get to 2 feet. And for length, there is almost no limit. Some might be as long as 50 feet, whereas others could reach over 500 feet.


Features to Look For While Buying a Landscaping Fabric

The features you should keep an eye on are as follows:



The first thing to ponder is that your fabric permits water and air to go over to your soil and plants. It has to be sufficiently breathable to keep your garden healthy.

It would mean that you might have to avoid those made from plastic materials as they are harmful to the environment and not breathable.


Locks in Humidity

Plants need to absorb good quantities of water for healthy development. Sunlight dries up this water in the soil, decreasing the amount of water accessible to the plants.

The best weed barrier blocks sun rays; subsequently, the water stays in the soil. When the barricades don’t exist, the water is prone to vaporize, and visible cracks can be seen in the soil in very sunny areas. Barriers avoid all this by blocking weed growth and aiding plants to flourish.


Water Can Pass-Through

While limiting the passage of UV rays and sunlight, the best weed barrier permits water to enter and seep into the soil. Thus by saving the interior water present in the ground, extra water can be sent in too.

This water flows only over the pores you have made for your plants; subsequently, this water will not go to the weeds.



To save cash, you could select a weed barrier landscape fabric you could install yourself; thus, you won’t have to call for an expert to place it into your garden. There are numerous simple fabrics out there that are easy to install and a little bit of effort.



You would want a landscape fabric for weed that would last for years without wearing, tearing, otherwise looking old and broken. Look for choices that boast sturdiness and long-lasting features so that you can get the most out of the cash you spend.


Environmentally Friendly

Yes, your landscape fabric must be capable of getting rid of weeds efficiently, but not the other living things on your lawn. There are countless organisms in your garden which are very helpful to your plants. Take this into consideration before selecting a landscape fabric for your garden.

It must not contain chemicals that would harm useful insects and the soil you would place it on, and it should be eco-friendly.



The perfect solution to your unpleasant garden weeds could be something as simple as a piece of landscape fabric. Being so easy to use, reasonable in most cases, and extremely versatile in using it, landscape fabrics make outstanding additions to any garden.

We hope the buying guide above has helped you in choosing the right landscape fabric. Knowing the buying considerations would surely help you make a knowledgeable and sensible choice of landscape fabric. You can write to us for more information (data protected by our privacy policy).

Getting one from our list above would set you up with a quality piece. So do not hesitate and set your garden on another level now!



Can I put landscape fabric over weeds?

Ans: Yes. Synthetic landscape fabrics offer a physical barrier to weeds but allow air, water, and nutrients to plant roots. Spread the fabric over bare soil around trees and shrubs.

Can I use Landscape Fabric for Erosion Control?

Ans: Geotextile Landscape Fabric could help mitigate soil erosion

Does landscaping fabric let water through?

Ans: Yes, it does. Landscape fabric is built from woven fibers or manufactured as a solid sheet with perforated holes to soak through. Several brands offer UV protection to maintain the life of the fabric.

How long will landscaping fabric last?

Ans: If you use landscape fabric well, you’re committing to eliminate or replace the fabric in ten years. Otherwise, the fabric would still be keeping your soil from flourishing while not essentially working to keep the weeds down.

Is it Ok to put landscape fabric under mulch?

Ans: No. We do not recommend putting landscape fabric under your mulch for the simple reason that it typically causes more difficulties than any advantage it provides. For one, the fabric blocks the transfer of valuable microorganisms from passing over that layer of soil.

Is plastic or fabric better for landscaping?

Ans: The fabrics are better. Though costlier than plastic, landscape fabric breathes, permitting oxygen and humidity to circulate and retain moisture. This makes it a good choice than plastic for use near trees and shrubs.

What is needle punched fabric?

Ans: Needle punched nonwoven fabrics are made from numerous fibrous webs (typically carded webs) in which fibers are bonded together mechanically over fiber entanglement and frictions afterward, fine needle barbs recurrently penetrate over the fibrous web.

What is Spun Bond Landscape Fabric?

Ans: Spun bond fabrics keep the weeds down while permitting water, air, and nutrients through to the roots of plants

What is the ideal landscape fabric to use under a rock?

Ans: Typically made from polypropylene or polyester, non-woven fabrics are most suited to stop weeds from growing in rock or gravel paths or beds. Non-woven landscape fabrics are less permeable than woven alternatives, so they will prevent water and nutrients from getting to the soil underneath.

Which fabric is most suitable for landscaping?

Ans: A landscape fabric is going to depend on what you are using it for. Woven landscaping fabrics work the greatest as a weed barrier for trees, shrubs, and low-maintenance beds. For strength and weed blocking underneath rock or gravel, nonwoven landscape fabrics are ideal.

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