Best Hydroponic Water Pump for Aquaponics, Hydroponics & Water Gardens: Our Favorite Units Reviewed

best hydroponic water pump featured

A high-quality hydroponic water pump is a significant part of a hydroponic garden. It is important to select a pump that meets the requirements of your hydroponic systems would need.

If water is like the life of a hydroponic system, a water pump is a device that brings breath to them. Commercial gardeners are flocking to hydroponics like never before. And there are several different methods of growing things hydroponically.

Hydroponics is all about a constant flow of nutrient solution that runs over the plant roots. The nutrient solution needs to be stored and pumped constantly so that the plants get a sufficient amount of nutrients. For this purpose, you will continually need a water pump.

There is a vast diversity of hydroponic water pumps. Brands are making various products with an enormous variability of feature functions and value ranges. This article will highlight key features of the alternatives in the list of best water pumps for hydroponics, accompanied by the pros and cons of each product.


Best Hydroponic Water Pump Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Since its creation, hydroponics has been verified to be a great activity for persons planning to try their hand in the farming business. That said, operating a hydroponic system needs a bit of knowledge and several necessary types of equipment. A primary piece of equipment in hydroponics is a water pump. Its role is to deliver the force essential to move water plus nutrients to the growing bed.

Here we have provided a guide to aid you in finding the finest water pump for hydroponics and commended top models on the market.


PonicsPumps Best Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump

If you seek a water pump that would give you years of service, the PonicsPumps Submersible Pump is your finest bet. Accessible in a range of sizes and models, you are sure to find one that meets your necessities.

PonicsPumps Submersible Pump with for Hydroponics- Best Hydroponic Water Pump


What makes this submersible pump so strong is the blend of quality materials used for its structure. For one, the impeller shaft is prepared of polished aluminum oxide ceramic. Not only is this corrosion resistance material, but it’s also three times firmer than stainless steel.

The internal motor components are encased in epoxy resin to stop accidental conductivity and erosion of metal parts. And to avoid finishing up with faulty seals that might harm the pump motor, the producer has incorporated a magnetic wet-rotor design.  Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets are integrated into the design of the electric motor for power which makes it energy efficient.

Another thing you will love about this water pump is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble. If you require to clean the pump, you will not have to look for any special tools to pull it separately. It not only makes for an easy installation; it also translates to annoyance-free maintenance.

We furthermore like that the materials used in its build are safe for fish and other aquatic creatures. It is a significant feature if you’re buying the pump to use for an aquaponics system.

Along with this 291 GPH submersible water pump, you’ll furthermore get a 5-foot cord made with water-resistant materials. If this does not deliver adequate length for your application, you could also get the pump with a 16-foot cord.


  • Available in different models & power level
  • Incorporated magnetic wet-rotor design
  • Quality and sturdy build
  • Water-lubricated Nitrile Bushings or low coefficient of friction
  • Adjustable flow rate and three outlet adaptors
  • Comes with cords of diverse lengths
  • Waterproof SJTW electric cord
  • Oil, grease, moisture, and abrasion resistant
  • Heavy-duty flexible vinyl jacket
  • Impeller ceramic shaft
  • Supported by a 1- year limited warranty


  • Tends to clog often

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Eco Plus Submersible Best Water Pump for Ponds & Hydroponics

The advantages of this pump make it user-friendly whether you are a complete novice or a veteran water agrarian. This pump uses aquaponics to fountain adornment, but you are not here for fountain decorations.

Eco Plus Submersible Water Pump for Ponds & Hydroponics- Best Hydroponic Water Pump


The capability of the EcoPlus Hydroponic Pump to be used inline or submerged sets it apart from other hydroponics water pumps. Its flexibility is a great advantage to those who require it.

This pump stands out to us owing to the water flow of 396 gallons an hour. The flow rate is sturdy over hours and has such an even distribution that we commend it highly. We also like the various fittings it offers, counting the threaded ones.

People who have small farms, otherwise nurseries that need constant care, will use this the most. The pump is great for aquariums and fountains; thus, go for it if you want continuous water recycling. Especially, the pump is extremely useful for those who care about the planet and trust in the preservation of resources.

The outcome of this one is it aids you to water your plants more easily. It is a great choice as it consumes less electricity and offers ultra-quiet operation. Thus, this pump is a must for contemporary sustainable farming.


  • Weighs only 2 pounds plus fits well
  • Has a fixed flow of around 400 GPH
  • The 69-inch long power cord comes already wired
  • The power cord provides 120 volts of voltage
  • Great pump for fish tank and filter systems
  • Can create a multi-stream spray to cover roots for indoor aquaponics
  • Manifold attachments make the pump easy to attach to diverse pipe sizes


  • Not a powerhouse of a pump
  • The barbs are smaller than the perfect size

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Hydrofarm Active Aqua AAPW250 Best Oil Free Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump


An effective hydroponic growing system would undoubtedly have a water pump at its heart. Your plants are typically dependent on the water solution that they are developing in. So a water pump creates the right quantity of water pressure to make certain the water and nutrient are running as much as they are required.

Hydrofarm Active Aqua AAPW250 Submersible Water Pump- Best Hydroponic Water Pump


This Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump (expert at creating products for hydroponic systems) could pump water up to 250 gallons per hour and is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

Its pros contain a powerful mag drive structure. It is an ecologically friendly product as this is oil free. It is moreover fitted with rubber mounting feet so that vibration is kept to a minimum. One problem with this product is that it could be a little noisy.

The Hydrofarm Active Aqua AAPW250 pump is flawless for the fast movement of water at great speed. The performance of this water pump is proficient in fulfilling the water requirements of a bigger area. The water pump is fixed with an inbuilt filter which provides you with pure and clean water.

The outer body of the submersible pump is constructed with heavy-weight plastic. It keeps the pump heated at lower levels yet maintains its proficiency.


  • Has a six-foot-long power cord that could be inserted straight into the power socket
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Oil free (ecologically friendly)
  • Sturdy in Saltwater (although, may decrease lifespan)
  • Popular as well as well-advertised
  • A ceramic shaft is used to make it more sturdy than the steel shaft models (40-160 GPH)
  • Powerful magnetic drive for enhanced reservoir efficiency


  • Not appropriate for heavy duty water pumping

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Simple Deluxe Best Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump

We all want a device that will not be damaged after a few months. Therefore we aim to invest in one that would offer us longevity. Simple Deluxe keeps that in mind and delivers us with a pump that has an additional protective casing to confirm that it lasts long.

Simple Deluxe Submersible Water Pump- Best Hydroponic Water Pump


The internal motor constituents have epoxy resin enclosing that stops unwanted conductivity and erosion of parts, confirming the unit’s safety.

Simple Deluxe Water Pump could regulate 1056 gallons of water per hour. Therefore it can be used for commercial development as well.

This submersible pump comes with a special pre-filter that stops debris from entering and several contaminants from incoming into the pump. It eliminates the extra straining on the unit for augmented reliability and sturdiness. It could lift the water toward a height of 12 feet from ground level.

The impeller is completed from stainless, strong steel. This oxide ceramic impeller shaft has refining of Aluminum oxide, which promises a much more extensive lifetime for the pump. A polished aluminum oxide ceramic impeller is resistant to erosion and is stronger than stainless steel. It has 15 feet long water-resistant power cable.

Furthermore, this hydroponic pump comes with three sets of nozzles, all having a threaded fittings prototype accessible in 0.83 inches, 1.06 inches, plus 1.34 inches. It is a versatile device that would certainly regulate adequate water for your hydroponic setup.

Every pump is certain to get dirty at some point; thus, it is very significant to clean your unit every few months. That will aid your unit to work more efficiently and stop bacteria and other germs from polluting your device.

Therefore, the plus point of this submersible pump is that it could be deconstructed within seconds, and you could clean it without any problem.


  • The power cable is water-resistant
  • Adjustable knob to control water flow
  • 4 suction cups to keep the unit in place
  • Pre filter blocks debris in the intake
  • Impeller shaft made of non-corrodible Aluminum Oxide
  • No copper, safe for fish tank
  • Abrasion resistant and easy to clean
  • Maximum flow rate 1056 GPH


  • Small filter box

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VIVOSUN 800GPH Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump

Even though it has been intended primarily for use in a pond, there is a great deal that can be done with this pump, including water features, fountains, waterfalls, and even irrigation systems to ensure that your plants develop in the best possible manner. This pump is without a doubt one of the very best pumps that are now available for use in a wide variety of settings.

VIVOSUN 800GPH Submersible Pump


Installation is made easier by the length of the power line, which is 6.5 feet, and the water flow rate and pressure can both be adjusted using an adjustable knob. It is more than sufficient for the vast bulk of gardening tasks, especially those that take place close to the house, to have 800 gallons per hour available.

Since the maximum lift height of 10 feet is lower than that of some other alternatives, it is possible that this model is not submerged to the same levels as some of the other options on our list; nonetheless, it is still capable of pumping with considerable force.

This water pump is effective despite its diminutive size, making it simple to conceal and disguise. You don’t need any tools to disassemble this pump, which means that when the time comes for maintenance, you can simply take it apart and clean away any undesirable mess. This will ensure that it continues to function at a high level for a considerable amount of time.

There is a varied selection of possible uses. This pump has a high performance and is efficient with energy. It is also well adapted for usage in ponds, waterfalls, fountains, hydroponic systems, irrigation systems, and other similar applications.

There is a wide variety of different positioning options available. Position the pump so that its base is horizontal, fix it to a surface that is either angled or vertical, then manually spin it into any orientation you require.

Additionally, it comes with three nozzles that have varying diameter sizes: 0.51-inch, 0.62-inch, and 0.74-inch. These nozzles allow you to achieve a variety of water flow effects to cater to your specific requirements. Because each of the four suction cups is so sturdy, your pump will maintain its condition during the entire process.


  • Easy to conceal
  • Three powerful water effects are available
  • Connectors with a wide range of options
  • Versatile use
  • Easy to clean
  • Assembled and dismantled with ease
  • A two-year warranty is included


  • The cord may not be long enough for some users

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Buying Guide for Hydroponic Water Pump

Let us start by saying that there are no advanced features integrated into water pumps for hydroponics. The water pumps you see in aquariums and fountains are the same ones used for hydroponic gardening.

That said, there are a couple of choices you will need to make. For example, choosing between an inline and a submersible water pump.


Type of Water Pump

i. Inline Water Pump

The difference between the two kinds depends on their settlement in the hydroponic systems.

With an inline water pump, they are located outside of the water reservoir. Usually, it is more powerful than its submersible counterpart. Hence, inline pumps are typically reserved for big-scale applications.

ii. Submersible Water Pump

Submersible pumps are water pumps that sit inside the water reservoir. They are a great alternative for small scale otherwise hobby hydroponics.


Height of Pumping the Nutrient Solution

Another issue you should consider while selecting a water pump is the height at which it could pump water. It is mainly significant when you are getting a pump for an upright hydroponic system.

The distance at which the unit could pump the water and nutrients is mentioned as the head height. To assess the head height, measure the distance starting from the topmost of the water level inside the reservoir toward the highest point wherever the water would be pumped vertically.

Take note that the head height differs as your system continues running. This is particularly the case with an ebb and hydroponic flow system. As more water is pumped into raised growth bed, the distance between the top of the water level and the place it is being pumped to increases.

Therefore, you would invest in a water pump with adequate power to make up for the fluctuations in the level of water. Furthermore, experts commend purchasing pumps with a higher lift than essential since it’s much easier to decrease the lift than increase it.


Water Flow Rate

A significant factor to contemplate while buying a water pump is the extreme flow rate of the water pump. Flow rate is just the speed at which water and nutrients are pumped to the growing beds, and it is measured in gallons per hour (GPH).

To decide the right water flow rate, ponder the size of your reservoir. The larger the size of the tank, the upper the maximum flow rate would be to facilitate effective transportation and distribution of water and nutrients to the plants. 400 GPH fixed flow is good for a water pump for hydroponics.

It also aids in investing in a pump with an adjustable flow rate. This way, you could set the correct water flow rate for your requirements. But be cautious not to set an extreme level. If the maximum flow rate is very high, it could lead to flooding. Likewise, if it is too low, it could mean that the plants are not getting sufficient nutrients and water.


Maximum Head-Height

This is the distance between the foot of the tank and the maximum level you want it to extend. It affects the storing of water and furthermore the way of storing it. Consequently, this height moreover affects the type of farming you would be doing.


Wattage Requirement

The amount of wattage used would directly affect the cash you pay for electricity bills. It is significant to consider since the pump will run on electricity, and the wattage it consumes would determine the bill. Thus, go for a unit with reasonable wattage consumption.


Size of the Water Pump

Usually, maximum water pumps for home use are mobile and transportable, but some are certainly more portable than others. If transportability has significance to you, try to find a water pump that is not only small from a size standpoint but also lightweight, permitting you to carry it from place to place. However, when considering size, you must consider the work region for which you require the pump.

You want a water pump for hydroponics that is sufficiently large to take care of the desired work yet small enough to fit into the main work area.



When considering the material your water pump would be built, you must also ponder the pumping you would do. Saltwater, for instance, can corrode metals and plastics. So, if you have any plan to pump saltwater, you must purchase a machine whose materials permit that kind of pumping.

Suppose you have a submersible job to do. In that case, you might require a lightweight plastic pump designed for submersible applications. But for works like a flooded basement, a sturdy metal pump is certainly your best bet.



The size and power of the motor would be dependent on the kind of job you plan to use the water pump for. The motors on bigger water pumps are measured in horsepower. In contrast, the very lightweight and transportable water pump motors might be measured in amps or voltage.

For a flooded lavatory, a water pump for hydroponics measured in amps might be sufficient. However, when you have to empty a full-size pool, you need a motor with numerous horsepower for the work at hand.



Some of the small, more portable water pumps on the marketplace have self-priming technologies; however, these are not envisioned to move a lot of water at once. For that, you will require a larger unit – one that you would have to prime by first filling the system with water beforehand you start with the job.


Safety Measures

As much as electrical devices aid in making our life easy, they still pose a risk to our lives. Therefore, it is good to invest in a pump having safety measures. It would ensure that you do not fall victim to an accident.

Several water pumps have heat protection features that would not overheat the system while working. Features similar to these make certain you do not run into difficulties like short-circuiting otherwise power surge.



Anyone could get into gardening, regardless of their profession. The only thing that differentiates between a good planter and a bad one is knowledge. You must distinguish all the vital details about a specific device before you purchase it.

Knowing these facts would save you from investing in a device that is not compatible with your system. Also, research would stop you from making an impulsive decisions.

The world of hydroponics is constantly evolving, and there would be many high-tech and smart home features added to future pump products that would only improve the quality of your yields. There is even a solar-powered water pump for hydroponics on the marketplace today that would cut your energy costs.

We don’t earn advertising fees from brands for promoting them. We have only selected the best products in the marketplace and offered you all the vital particulars about the finest water pump.



Can I use a fish tank pump for hydroponics?

Ans: In brief, using aquarium water to irrigate plants is a good idea, with one main caveat. The main exception is water from a saltwater tank, which should not be used to water plants; using salty water could do serious harm to your plants – particularly potted indoor plants

How do I select water pumps for hydroponics?

Ans: To determine the most suitable water pump for hydroponics, you will need to do three things:

Calculate the gallons-per-hour or GPH that your pump would be moving.
Combine these two values using the chart that comes with the pump.
Measure the head height of your system.

How many gph do you need for hydroponics?

Ans: Too much flow could cause problems with wet plants. Too little flow might mean not delivering sufficient water or nutrients to your plants, plus will likely result in wilted plants otherwise dwarfed production. We recommend you start with 2 gallons/hour for hydroponics

When do you need a Hydroponic Water Pump?

Ans: The principal purpose of a water pumping system is to move water from one region to another. You don’t need a water pump for systems such as Wicking or traditional DWC. A pump is a must for hydroponics or other hydroponics systems like RDWC and Bubbleponics (two variants of the DWC), Ebb & Flow (electronics), etc.

Which is the foremost company for manufacturing water pumps?

Ans: Grundfos is the world’s prime pump manufacturer.

Which of the three kinds of water pumps is perfect for hydroponics?

Ans: The three types of pumps are-

Inline Pumps tend to be the most popular, mainly for growers in bigger systems since they are powerful & proficient. They sit outer the reservoir.
Submersible Pumps sit straight in your reservoir and are great for hobbyists since they don’t need much power. These are usually ultra quiet.
Sump Pumps are most common in sump systems; however, anywhere you require a bottom draw pump. They furthermore help mix nutrients, which is a plus!

Which water pump is ideal for hydroponics?

Ans: If you seek an efficient and more durable pump for hydroponic for small to mid-water applications, you can go with the Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump. If your hydroponics or aquaponics system is medium to big and needs a more powerful and sturdy pump, we recommend the Tetra Pump. Victsing 80 gph is also good

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