The Best Greenhouse Plastic for Your Greenery’s Protection

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The best greenhouse plastic allows you to harvest seasonal plants at your convenient time. It maintains a consistent level of temperature and humidity for you to grow your desired crops.

Growing food out of season is not easy, though. You need to know the best ways to make your greenhouse that allows all the conditions. The foremost item you need to ensure is the best greenhouse plastic. This is what we are reviewing today, the top-rated greenhouse plastics available online.

We will look at the highest reviewed greenhouse plastics on Amazon and shortlist them into a compact list for your convenience. We will attach a buying guide for you, and we will answer some of the most asked questions about greenhouse plastics.

Let’s begin!


9 Best Greenhouse Plastic Reviewed

Greenhouses were traditionally made of glass or fiberglass. The glass was occasionally tinted green. Now the greenhouses are made of polyethylene plastic or some variations since they are less expensive, more versatile, and more convenient.

Let’s take a look at the topmost candidates in our search for the finest greenhouse plastic.


Farm Plastic Supply Best Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting – 6 mil – (10′ x 40′)

This 6 mils clear polyethylene greenhouse plastic sheeting is strong and long-lasting. This greenhouse plastic, made of polyethylene plastic sheets, produces an ideal greenhouse environment.

Farm Plastic Supply Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting - 6 mil - (10' x 40')- Best Greenhouse Plastic


Farm Plastic Supply’s 6mil clear plastic is produced with anti-aging UV compounds and is designed for long-term use. These additives shield the greenhouse film from UV rays and extend the life of the plastic in your hoop house.

This clear greenhouse material allows light to pass through, spreading light evenly and allowing for even temperature distribution. Optimal produce growth will be aided by good plastic.

This 6 mils clear greenhouse plastic film measures 10 feet wide by 40 feet long. It is delivered in a single roll and is simple to unpack and install. It can be used for hoop houses, crop patches, greenhouses, and other applications.

The Farm Plastic Supply greenhouse transparent plastic sheet can provide enough protection to benefit your vegetables, fruits, and flowers from harsh weather conditions such as high temperatures, heavy rain, frost, colder weather, and strong winds.


  • High quality material for heavy duty purposes
  • Strong against extreme weather conditions
  • Long lasting
  • Provides outstanding protection against UV rays
  • Reasonable price
  • Provides UV protection


  • Requires washing before using to make it completely transparent

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A&A Green Store – Best anti-rip Greenhouse Plastic – 6 Mil – (5′ x 24′)

A&A Green Store offers a clear greenhouse plastic film, and it is comparable to many others on the market.

A&A Green Store - Greenhouse Plastic - 6 Mil - (5' x 24')


While polyethylene greenhouse plastic sheeting helps to keep heat and sunlight out, it can also be damaged. Especially by UV rays, which cause the greenhouse plastic to degrade faster.

That is why A&A includes UV protection which is intended to provide protection to the plastic rather than the plants. The greenhouse plastic is foggy rather than glassy, but it is still quite transparent. It enables significant light transmission while keeping the heat and humidity levels in your greenhouse stable. The weight of the plastic film is 3.89 pounds.

You can consider the 6 mils A&A version if you need an effective greenhouse film. It’s waterproof, weatherproof, rustproof, and UV-proof, so it’ll help your plants’ health and growth.


  • Superior strength
  • Anti-rip build material
  • Has UV protection
  • Enables higher light transmission
  • Premium water-resistance technology
  • Made with heavy duty material


  • No labels on the plastic to indicate which side faces in and which side faces out

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Farm Plastic Supply Best Light Deprivation Greenhouse Plastic – 6 mil – (24′ x 10′)

Farm Plastic Supply’s blackout greenhouse plastic, which is black on one side and white on the other, is designed to provide complete darkness for your plants. The white side of this greenhouse plastic reflects light on the outside of your greenhouse. On the other hand, the black side of this plastic film creates a dark environment.

Farm Plastic Supply Light Deprivation Greenhouse Cover - 6 mil - (24' x 10')


This black and white poly greenhouse plastic cover is rigid and weather resistant. Most black and white plastic film degrade over time, but this one promises superior light deprivation. This greenhouse film is UV inhibitor treated and will withstand the sun. 

Plastic greenhouse films from Farm Plastic Supply are designed for strength and durability. The black greenhouse film roll is 6 mils thick, ensuring that the plastic sheeting will not rip or tear even after prolonged use.

This plastic greenhouse film can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be installed with the white side facing out to reduce light or with the black side facing out to control the temperature of your greenhouse.

Light deprivation could be perplexing. You can use this blackout greenhouse plastic to simplify your day.


  • Superior durability and long lasting
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Good for suffocating weed and grass in late fall and winter
  • Easy to install
  • Does not easily tear


  • Prone to stretch under excessive heat during summer

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A&A Green Store – Best Light Transmission Greenhouse Plastic – 6 Mil – (5′ x 28′)

A&A uses a five layer co-extrusion technique to make its greenhouse plastic films. This enables the greenhouse film to process raw materials that ensure maximum strength, flexibility, and compliance with all mechanical testing standards.

A&A Green Store - Greenhouse Plastic - 6 Mil - (5' x 28')


A&A greenhouse plastics guarantee long-term durability, better strength and toughness, and increased light transmission for optimal plant growth. This greenhouse plastic is also 4 Years rated UV treated.

These greenhouse plastics are constructed of polyethylene and have better mechanical qualities and UV protection that has been stabilized. They also provide various UV radiation penetration levels, such as complete blockage, partial penetration, and full penetration.


  • Provides 90% of light transmission
  • Superior capability for UV blocking and high UV exposure rating
  • The thickness of 6 mils with multi-layer extruded polyethylene
  • Designed to provide optimum PAR light transmission, clarity, and strength
  • ISO-9001:2008 International Standards are used in manufacturing this product


  • These greenhouse plastic sheets are more translucent rather than being completely transparent

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SUNVIEW Best Lightweight Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film – 6 Mil – (12′ X 25′)

This greenhouse plastic sheeting is made of polyethylene plastic. It’s 6 mils thick and made of double layer extruded polyethylene. The plastic has a treatment of UV coating, which lowers the attrition of the double layer greenhouse film under extreme weather conditions.

SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film - 6 Mil – (12' X 25')


SUNVIEW greenhouse clear plastic is free of light transmission in 90% of the cases, ensuring a proper habitat for your plants. It is 12 feet wide and 25 feet long in dimensions. Thus, this greenhouse plastic Long can cover a huge area and provide plenty of space for plants.

Suppose you want to raise the internal temperature of the greenhouse. In that case, the infrared coating of the greenhouse plastic will come in handy. By raising the temperature by 20°, the layer will deliver the needed internal heat to the plants.

Its lightweight of only two pounds is one of the attributes that make it the finest greenhouse plastic while enticing many gardeners.


  • Easy to set up
  • UV treated plastic
  • Comes with a 4 year warranty
  • Protection from Infrared rays
  • Lightweight
  • Superior strength
  • Increases light transmission


  • Its shipment can take a while

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Suncover Best Anti-Dust Greenhouse Plastic Film – 6 mil – (5′ x 25′)

Suncover manufactured the best greenhouse plastic range has earned it an excellent reputation as Ginegar Corporation’s subsidiary. Founded more than 50 years ago, the parent company is still in operation today.

Suncover Greenhouse Plastic Film - 6 mil - (5' x 25')


The purpose of this greenhouse plastic is to protect the plants from intense heat and adverse weather. Depending on the size, it is transported in rolls or folded pieces, and it is easy to install over panels. Astonishingly, the price of these greenhouse plastics is very reasonable.

Typically, since these greenhouse plastics are designed to tolerate harsh temperatures and strong wind, they protect the plants from damaging ultraviolet rays.

As a bonus, this greenhouse plastic has anti dust properties. As a result of this anti dust feature, dust particles are prevented from adhering to the surface of the greenhouse film. Its 6 mils Clear Greenhouse Film meets the industry’s rigorous standards.


  • Excellent thickness
  • Stable set up
  • Sturdy construction
  • Inexpensive
  • Innovative anti dust technology


  • Rough handling can slightly tear the greenhouse film

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Grower’s Solution Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film – 6 Mil – (20′ x 25′)

This Growers Solution greenhouse plastic sheet is 20 feet by 25 feet and is 6 mils thick. It’s semi-transparent, with a slightly hazy appearance. The plastic has a four-year warranty, yet it has been effectively utilized with PVC panels for more than eight years, as evidence showed. Cleaning it with soap and water on a daily basis will help its longevity.

Grower's Solution Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film - 6 Mil - (20' x 25')


Its UV coating, which slows the natural rate of disintegration, is why this greenhouse plastic lasts so long. An infrared coating is also applied to these greenhouse plastics. This elevates the greenhouse’s temperature by around 20 degrees, reducing heat loss. Both of these additions render the greenhouse film unfit for use in tropical climates.

The greenhouse plastic is a little over 14 pounds, so it’s a good idea to get some see-through duct tape to go with it. This makes putting up your greenhouse sheeting a breeze. Along with that, consider priming your PVC panels before installing this plastic film because the PVC panels can damage them.

Purchase something that is larger than the dimensions you require. For proper installation, there must be some overlap.


  • UV treated plastic
  • Comes with an infrared additive
  • Superior longevity and durability
  • 4-year warranty
  • Increased light transmission


  • If you’re going to utilize PVC pipe as the structural frame of your greenhouse, you’ll need to pad it or prime it

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Happybuy Best Polyethylene Greenhouse Plastic – 6 Mil – (8′ x 25′)

The greenhouse plastic film is 6 mils thick and composed of tough polyethylene. It is resistant to tears and UV rays for a long lifespan.

Happybuy Greenhouse Polyethylene Film - 6 Mil – (8' x 25')


The polyethylene greenhouse film is eight feet wide, twenty-five feet long. With its thickness, it is effortless to unfold and wrap up for storage.

The 6 mils greenhouse polyethylene plastic film maintains a stable greenhouse environment while reducing heat loss.

The agricultural plastic sheeting is exceptionally strong and durable for UV protection and weather resistance.

The 8×25 feet greenhouse film is sufficient, and you may easily install it yourself as needed. You can support your greenhouse structures while also beautifying your gardening space.

This greenhouse clear plastic film is suitable for utilizing as a moisture barrier in industrial, residential, building, masonry, agriculture, and landscaping projects as well.


  • Easy to install on hoop house greenhouses
  • Durable
  • Budget friendly
  • UV treated plastic
  • Excellent support in manipulating the heat inside your greenhouse
  • Perfect sheerness
  • Easy to cut and tack down


  • Can stretch and weaken a bit due to long-term use and exposure to the sun

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YBB 4.9 x 9.8 Feet Clear Plastic Greenhouse Film

One of the most cost-effective greenhouse films available is the YBB Clear Plastic Greenhouse Film. If you are passionate about producing the flowers, herbs, veggies, or fruits that are your favorites, using this greenhouse film for the cultivation of your plants is a smart option. Your plants will be nourished and shielded from the damaging effects of harsh weather thanks to this incredible greenhouse’s ability to trap heat and moisture inside.

YBB 4.9 x 9.8 Feet Clear Plastic Greenhouse Film


To make it more robust and long-lasting, the manufacturer used polyethylene of the finest possible quality in the production process. The greenhouse film has a thickness of 6 mils, which corresponds to a commercial grade and is constructed of premium polyethylene. It offers protection from freeze, frost, and UV rays for more than 5 years, and it can shield your plant from a variety of weather conditions, such as intense heat, strong winds, heavy rain, extremely cold winter weather, and extreme heat.

Because this plastic has been UV-treated, it can survive the sunlight even when it’s really hot outside. In addition, it is transparent, so it allows enough amount of light to reach your plants. This greenhouse film has a special coating that allows it to take in the infrared energy that the sun emits during the day. After that, during the night, it discharges all of this latent heat energy into your greenhouse. The method helps to maintain an environment that is pleasant, well-balanced, and warm, all of which are beneficial to the growth of your plants.

This greenhouse film has a width of 4.9 feet and a length of 9.8 feet, and it can be utilized to cover flower or vegetable patches, grow tunnels, and even miniature greenhouses. The film is simple to install because it immediately unfolds into a cover that is wide and flexible.

Additionally, it is anti drip, which means that it prevents condensation from forming on the inside of the greenhouse. The presence of condensation droplets in a greenhouse is detrimental to plant growth because they disrupt the natural balance of moisture and may even cause the growth of mildew. Your cover will have less dust on it thanks to the anti-dust ingredient, and the light transmission won’t be disrupted in the least.


  • Protection from ultraviolet rays for an extended period of time
  • Strong construction
  • A vast size
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Stores and distributes heat energy
  • Adaptable to each and every season


  • There are times when the edges might not be trimmed precisely

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Buying Guide for Best Greenhouse Plastic

People are usually perplexed by the various models of premium grade plastic sheeting for greenhouses. No worries, we will guide you to pick the perfect product.

Before you buy any greenhouse plastic sheeting, double-check the points on this buying guide.

Let’s begin.


The Thickness

The greenhouse plastic should be thick. A decent plastic film is 6 mils thick. It also increases its longevity and the capability to resist harsh weather. Any plastic thicker than 6 mils can deprive your plants of their required temperature.

However, if you sacrifice thickness, you may need to compromise on insulation. Insulation increases with breadth. So, examine the plastic sheeting’s thickness.

Also, the thickness is crucial for extending the life of the greenhouse plastic sheeting.



The weight of the greenhouse plastic sheeting is another factor to consider. A greenhouse plastic sheet must be dense to withstand the weather.

You can also buy strong and flexible lightweight plastic sheeting to enjoy the extra benefits. So, before you begin, consider the weight of the plastic sheet. Also, the weight of greenhouse plastic sheets affects their strength. It makes the plastic sheet more durable and helps it endure longer.


Radiation Ratings

Not all greenhouse plastics work the same way. While most plastics let in light, some have specific coatings to enhance that ability.

Most greenhouse plastic sheeting protects against UV rays. Notably, UV light isn’t necessarily dangerous to plants as it can be to humans. Instead, UV treated greenhouse plastic sheeting is designed to not degrade over time.

Basically, UV treated greenhouse plastic will survive longer. Non UV treated greenhouse plastic sheeting starts to disintegrate in a year. Most greenhouse plastics contain polyethylene, which rots within a year if the plastic can’t protect itself from UV light.

Some of the better greenhouse plastics have an additive that traps infrared radiation within your greenhouse. Because infrared radiation is so low in frequency, it does not hurt plants or soil.

Infrared greenhouse plastic can increase the warming impact of your greenhouse by keeping radiation from escaping. Infrared greenhouse plastic keeps the interior 20° warmer than the exterior. This greenhouse plastic is great for plants that need high temps to grow.

Alternatively, such greenhouse plastic can help greenhouses work through the winter. But infrared-rated polycarbonate doesn’t keep plants warm at night.



If the plastic sheet is not transparent enough in the greenhouse, it may not transfer light properly.

Less light implies less heat, which is insufficient for winter plant growth. If the plastic sheeting is not translucent, the sunlight will not reach the plants.

So, when buying a greenhouse plastic sheet, make sure it’s transparent.



The layers of the greenhouse plastic sheet should also be considered before purchase. It keeps the greenhouse warm.

Some plastic sheets have three layers, some five. If you want strong plastic sheeting, you must choose a five-layer plastic sheet. This is because the layers of the plastic sheet help trap heat.

These layers also increase the strength of the greenhouse plastic sheet. So, get the five-layer plastic sheet.



Make sure the greenhouse plastic is durable before buying. Since you need this plastic sheeting for a long-term job, it must be sturdy.

The polyethylene plastic sheet is solid and will endure a long time. The best greenhouse plastic also extends the life of the greenhouse.

To test the greenhouse plastic sheet’s durability, measure its thickness. It will help you find the suitable greenhouse plastic sheeting.


Anti Condensation or Anti Drip

Water droplets on the greenhouse plastic layer may block light from entering the greenhouse. The anti-condensation or anti drip feature keeps water droplets off the greenhouse plastic sheeting and allows more light into the greenhouse.

More the light, the more the heat, and the happier the plants in the greenhouse. So, while buying the greenhouse plastic, make sure to look for the anti drip aspect along with anti dust features.


Types of Greenhouse Plastic

Greenhouses are usually made of four different types of plastic. These greenhouse plastics normally last two to three years before needing replacement. Of course, this excludes extreme weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and icing.

i. Polyethylene Plastic

Polyethylene plastic comes in two forms: commercial grade for industrial use and utility grade for personal use. Most home centers stock utility grades. Polyethylene greenhouse plastic may be preserved in good condition for a year or two, and it can be mended with a poly repair kit.

ii. Copolymer Plastic

This greenhouse plastic is a step higher than polyethylene, and it can endure up to three years in your greenhouse before becoming brittle and breaking. After some years of freezing and thawing, the copolymer greenhouse plastic will become brittle. It is possible to buy more expensive copolymer plastics that are more durable and simulate glass.

iii. PVC (Polyvinyl Plastic)

PVC is more expensive than the other two, but it is also more durable. The strength of PVC will benefit greenhouses. If you clean and inspect PVC plastic often, it should last five years.

iv. Polycarbonate Plastic

The most durable greenhouse plastic among all others is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate plastic usually contains twin wall polyethylene plastic. If properly cared for, the twin walls can survive a decade. Polycarbonate plastic also keeps a lot of heat and humidity all year.


Greenhouse Plastic Maintenance Tips

  • Check to see if your plastic sheeting is suitable for use as a greenhouse cover
  • Do not hesitate when it’s time to say goodbye to your worn-out greenhouse cover
  • You can extend the lifespan of your plastic sheeting with small greenhouse repair tape to fix the holes
  • At the very least, clean your greenhouse covering once a year.
  • Don’t overlook the weight bearing capacity of your greenhouse frame


Final Thoughts

We are proud of the fact that we don’t earn any fee for brand promotion. This is solely a list of the best greenhouse plastic that has pleased many fellow gardeners, and they are our juries.

Customers have used these plastics for their greenhouses and found them useful, and their opinions are our only source of honest reviews. Thank you for bearing with us. If you have questions or suggestions, write directly to us.

Invest your hard-earned money in the product that serves you the best.



Can you use 6 mil poly for a greenhouse?

Ans: Many people cover their greenhouses with 6 mils clear plastic. The most significant asset of the value of 6 mils is their cost effectiveness. You’ll be able to get by with this plastic sheeting.

However, if you have a bad storm and your greenhouse panels and structure are destroyed in any manner, you will need to recover your greenhouse structure and perhaps suffer crop damage.

Does greenhouse plastic block UV rays?

Ans: The majority of greenhouse polymers do block UV rays. However, some farmers willingly let UV light inside their greenhouse enhance certain aspects of plant growth that occur naturally outdoors. Thus, not every type of plastic keeps out UV rays. You can also make windows to regulate it manually.

Does greenhouse plastic have to be clear?

Ans: We recommend that you choose a clear plastic film to wrap the greenhouse because it will allow the most amount of light to pass through and prevent damages to your plants. The amount of sunlight in your greenhouse will be affected if you use colored plastic. During the summer, it’s best to use clear plastic and cover it with shade cloth if necessary.

How do you measure greenhouse plastic?

Ans: This is how you can measure greenhouse plastic-

Add 2 feet to the measurement taken from the ground on one side up and over to the ground on the other side along the edges.
Next, calculate the length of your hoop house from ground to ground and add 2 feet to that amount.
Size up the width of the hoop house and add 2 feet for the ends. Then add 2 feet to the height measured in the center. These are the bare minimums needed to cover both ends.
Determine the extra feet while measuring to avoid causing tension and ripping or stretching the plastic.

How long does greenhouse plastic last?

Ans: When placed properly, good-quality polyethylene greenhouse plastic should survive at least four years, even in high UV environments.

How thick is greenhouse plastic?

Ans: Greenhouse sheets come in various thicknesses and widths. The ideal greenhouse plastic sheet would be 6mm thick. The thickness is required to retain heat and keep the greenhouse warm. Thickness also improves the strength of the plastic sheet.

Is green or clear plastic better for a greenhouse?

Ans: Green greenhouse plastic cover reflects a substantial percentage of green waves while allowing other light spectrums to pass. The spectrum colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Plants require blue waves for growth and maturation and red waves for blooming and production. They absorb much less green light. Therefore it reflects back into our eyes, giving the illusion of green foliage.

Also, during photosynthesis, the pigment chlorophyll only absorbs blue and red light while reflecting green light. In essence, green plastic filters out green light, whereas clear plastic lets in the whole light spectrum inside the greenhouse construction.

Should I use clear or white greenhouse plastic?

Ans: Greenhouse clear plastics transmit light without scattering it. In a greenhouse, direct sunshine casts shadows and scorches.

White greenhouse plastic covers help in light diffusion but overheat. Diffused light reaches lower and upper leaves. This increases photosynthesis.

Direct sunlight into the building heats the soil and encourages seed development. Clear plastic is only for greenhouse seed germination and transplanting.

Planting seedlings in direct sunlight encourages germination and growth. Clear covers like glass, polycarbonate and acrylic plastic are ideal.

What is the best plastic to use for a greenhouse?

Ans: has a multitude of greenhouse plastic films. Farm plastic, A&A, and Suncover are the best examples for you.

If you are not happy with the above options, see our purchase guide to find the perfect one for you. Please try to focus on quality aspects rather than being blinded by cheap or overly expensive flashy choices in your search.

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