SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Review: The Best Greenhouse Plastic to Protect Your Crops

SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Review

Choosing the most appropriate greenhouse covering material is crucial because it will have an impact on the amount of light that your plants will receive.

A variety of materials are available that allow a specific amount of light to flow through while also providing varying degrees of light dispersal. When selecting the greenhouse plastic, you must exercise caution because high-intensity lights might cause your plants to overheat. Plants that receive too much shade, on the other hand, may suffer from a lack of energy due to the shade.

After a careful investigation of a wide selection of greenhouse plastics, we were able to identify one that is suitable for housing your plants perfectly. Here, we’ll introduce you to the SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film. This product, which is made of sturdy material, is long-lasting and has exceptional clarity and strength.



The SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is the best there is in the industry! The strong polyethylene unfolds easily and fast, and it can be used for years without breaking down.

The thin but durable polyethylene resin provides for maximum light transmission, which in turn promotes optimal plant development. The infrared additive contributes to the maintenance of a more stable greenhouse environment as well as the reduction of heat loss.

Impressed? Let us take a closer look at this remarkable greenhouse plastic.



Plastics used in greenhouses are not all created equal, and there are four primary types: polyvinyl, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and copolymer. In most cases, these four different types of greenhouse plastics can endure for two to three years before they need to be replaced with new ones. Extreme weather conditions, such as severe frosting, hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes, on the other hand, are elements that shorten the lifespan of the plastic material.

The SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is constructed of durable polyethylene material. This polyethylene cover appears to be ordinary in appearance, but it performs admirably in a multitude of greenhouse settings.

Polyethylene film is popular among commercial growers due to its ease of usage and upkeep. You can use it for 3 to 5 years before replacing it with a new one. When used in a single thickness, polyethylene film is ideal for simple cold frames and greenhouses that are used for seed beginning and other seasonal requirements. Two layers of polyethylene film are used in conjunction with a fan to create an insulated air space between the layers.

The polyethylene film holds heat more efficiently than glass homes, resulting in around 40% savings on heating expenditures.

The disadvantages of this type of polyethylene film include a relatively limited lifespan when compared to other coverings, the possibility of rips and tears, and a translucent appearance that is similar to fiberglass. Because of its low cost, ease of replacement, strong light transmission, and good heat retention, polyethylene has become a favorite among nurserymen and commercial growers worldwide.

SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Review



The thickness of the plastic will greatly influence the performance of your greenhouse plastic. Generally speaking, thicker greenhouse plastic is nearly usually preferable, though there are certain exceptions where thinner greenhouse plastic may be preferable in certain circumstances.

Mils are used to measure the thickness of greenhouse plastic. One mil is one-thousandth of an inch.

The SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is 6 mils thick. Besides providing high general durability, this thickness will also give exceptional torsion strength and puncture resistance. It’s also thin enough to let in more sunshine while still withstanding harsh weather situations like tornadoes.



When looking for greenhouse plastic attributes, the first thing to check for is its thickness, which provides a general feeling of durability. After that, the next thing to look for is the various specialized safeguards that greenhouse plastic offers.

Some of these safeguards are pretty conventional to assure a long-lasting product; nevertheless, many of them are not implemented to the vast majority of products and either provide a benefit that is more appropriate in certain places or with certain plants.


UV Treatment

The polyethylene material on the SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is UV treated. This is actually the most frequent sort of protection that is included with greenhouse plastic, even though it is not intended to protect plants from ultraviolet radiation.

Even while UV radiation is just light that the human eye cannot see, that does not mean that it passes ignored by your plants. Nonetheless, the most important benefit of UV protection is that it stops ultraviolet light from prematurely destroying polyethylene plastic, which would otherwise rot in less than a year if not protected.


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Infrared Additive

The infrared additive on the SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is included to help create a more stable greenhouse climate while also reducing heat loss from the greenhouse.

Because infrared radiation is a lower frequency form of light, you don’t have to be concerned about it causing damage to the plastic or the plants. Instead, this addition allows the greenhouse material to maintain an interior temperature that is around 20 degrees warmer than the surrounding ambient air.

It is critical to remember that this form of protection is intended to shield plants from the effects of cold weather. While this type of addition does not actually provide any insulation to the plants, it will quickly heat them up as the light begins to shine on them. Of course, this means that areas that receive a lot of sunlight and already experience high temperatures should forego this protection.



Although it may not appear to be significant, large plastic rolls are easier to move. You can cut them to the exact size and form that you require. However, the roll sizes need to be adjusted to your greenhouse measurements. Otherwise, you may be forced to tape, glue, or screw components together, and each seam represents a possible weak point in the structure.

The SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film comes in a single roll of 12ft. x 25ft., which is large enough to meet your demands and convenience.

The extent of the ease with which a product can be installed is also considered while sizing. When it comes to plastics, you want something that will effectively wrap around your greenhouse frame without any pickling or wrangling. Furthermore, you want the plastic to be as transparent as possible, just like the SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film. When it comes to greenhouses, privacy isn’t an issue, and light permeability is critical to their success.

The SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film’s robust polyethylene unfolds easily and fast, and it can last for up to four years. Hence, it is quite easy to set up.


Price and Warranty

The SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is much less expensive than other greenhouse plastics of similar quality. In addition, this product is backed by a 4-year limited warranty. The use of this plastic on a PVC frame, however, will nullify the warranty if you do not apply a primer to the pipe beforehand.



Even though it is affordable and simple to use, the SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is one of the best greenhouse plastics currently available. It is constructed of polyethylene material that is 6 mils thick while still allowing sufficient light to pass through. Furthermore, this plastic has been treated with IR and UV protection to provide the finest possible habitat for your plants.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for most gardeners to pick from, and it should be durable enough to withstand the test of time.

Please read our in-depth buying guide to learn about other terrific greenhouse plastics on the market and how to pick the ideal one.


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