Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump Review: The Best Hydroponic Water Pump for Versatile Use

Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump Review

Hydroponics is essentially the growing of crops in a nutrient-rich solution based on water as the medium. According to the main premise underlying this method, plants should be able to interact with the nutrient solution while simultaneously having access to an endless supply of oxygen.

In a hydroponic system, a hydroponic water pump serves as the brain and heart. In every water growing system, the water pump is an absolutely necessary component. It is essential, however, to analyze the qualities of the pump before making a decision. There is a large selection of hydroponic water pumps available. Companies are developing a wide range of products with diverse technical functions and pricing ranges.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump, one of the most highly regarded hydroponic water pumps on the market. This submersible water pump is ideal for a wide range of purposes, including hydroponics, aquariums, ponds, and other similar applications.



EcoPlus water pumps, air pumps, water chillers, and accessories have been shown to be durable, and they provide exceptional performance and value at a competitive price. EcoPlus has established itself as the industry’s premier manufacturer of hydroponic gardening pumps. These items are intended for use in the hydroponic gardening sector, but they are also suitable for use in a wide range of aquarium, fish farm, and pond applications.

To provide an effective, forceful, and consistent water flow, the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump is created using a high-quality rare earth rotor magnet of superior construction. This pump is oil-free and equipped with a ceramic shaft impeller. Additionally, it contains a strainer and a foam filter so that you can customize your system to your specifications.

Let’s get into the details.

Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump



The Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump, as the name implies, is a submersible water pump for use in hydroponic gardening.

Generally speaking, a Submersible Pump is an electrically powered equipment with a sealed motor that is totally immersed in water bodies, particularly open wells and bore wells. The fact that they are already submerged in water means that they are a more efficient and wiser choice because they do not need any priming.

It is intended to be submerged straight in the nutrient solution in your tank. It transports the water into the hydroponic tank through a hose attached to the top of the pump and runs into the tank. These pumps use water to keep themselves cool and maintain a consistent temperature, and they are ideal for small systems.

When it comes to submersible pumps, the power is measured in gallons per hour (GPH). These pumps typically have a limited amount of power and are best suited for systems with a 1200 GPH or less flow rate.

Submersible pumps are well suited for handling clear, cold freshwater devoid of abrasive particles and chemically hostile elements, such as chlorine.



The flow rate of submersible pumps is measured in gallons per hour (GPH). The majority of models will provide a single maximum GPH figure. However, others will provide you with a range – this signifies that the pump has more than one adaptor so that you can modify its flow to your configuration.

To determine what size pump you require, you must first determine the maximum GPH that your system can handle. Then seek for a pump that produces around twice that amount of flow – this will provide you more freedom when setting up your hydroponics system while also giving you an opportunity of upgrading your hydroponics system at some point, if necessary, without having to purchase another pump.

The Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump has a flow rate of 396 Gallons Per Hour (GPH) and is fixed.



The construction and design of your hydroponic water pump are highly significant factors to consider when setting up your growing system. The quality of your pump’s construction influences how well it will serve you in the long term.

Poor construction might significantly reduce performance once a specific period is spent using it. As a result, pay great attention to the construction materials and component designs to ensure the long-term longevity of your pump.

The Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump is a magnetically driven pump that can be used in hydroponic systems. Built with a high-quality rare earth rotor magnet, it offers a consistent and efficient water flow while also being durable and long-lasting.

This pump is equipped with a ceramic shaft impeller, allowing it to be used in freshwater and saltwater settings. Reliability is ensured by the use of such ceramic shaft and bearing. A strainer is incorporated to protect the impeller from being damaged during operation.

Because it is oil-free and has just one moving part, the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump has a long-life expectancy.



The Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump’s outer shell is made of epoxy resin, and it has an IPX8 waterproof rating. As a result, as compared to items with stainless steel shafts, the product is more corrosion-free.

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The water pump draws in a certain amount of water through an intake valve and expels it through a discharge valve. The amount of water sucked in and discharged grows in direct proportion to the size of the inlet and output.

For water to flow properly, the size of the inlet is vitally critical. If the inlet diameter is too narrow, the system will experience friction loss. This is why it is beneficial to choose an intake of a reasonable size, as this will increase the amount of water pumped and the flow of water.

EcoPlus equipped the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump with a total of six fittings, enhancing the pump’s versatility even further. Such a wide range of attachment fittings will provide you with a great amount of versatility in the setup process. It can be used for anything, including ponds, aquariums, and hydroponic growing systems, as long as the settings are adjusted appropriately.


Power Source

It is necessary to have a corded electric power source to operate the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump since it requires a motor to function properly. This pump is supplied with a 6 feet 120-volt power wire. You must have access to a power source close by to accommodate this.


Ease of Cleaning

The block next to the grating on the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump is the simplest to clean out of all the identical options that are available on the market. To minimize damage, all you have to do after using the product is promptly wash it.


Price, Warranty, and Purchase Options

By calculating the budget, we are sometimes compelled to make trade-offs between the features of a water pump. Compared to its competitors, the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump is more affordable, with a starting price of $26.80. Because of the high level of quality and versatility provided, this product represents excellent value for money.

In terms of maintenance, warranties are extremely important. The longer the warranty period, the more money and time you will save in the event of an untimely malfunction of the water pump. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty backs the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump.

Along with the option to purchase a single unit, you may also purchase the Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump in packs of two, three, or four.



The Eco Plus Submersible Hydroponic Water Pump is a straightforward and dependable submersible water pump for hydroponic and aquaponic systems, ponds, fountains, and freshwater or saltwater aquariums. It is guaranteed that the pump will be a reliable warrior because of the ceramic shaft and bearing. In addition, the strainer guards against any damage to the impeller.

EcoPlus has developed this pump with only one moving part in mind so that there is little that can go wrong. Those looking for simplicity in their water pump need to look no further than this model.

To learn more about other excellent options available on the market, check out our thorough buying guide on the best hydroponic water pumps.


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