Quictent Portable Greenhouse Review: The Best Portable Greenhouse with Superior Protection

Quictent Portable Greenhouse

With a portable greenhouse, you can get a head start on spring planting or extend your vegetable harvest into the fall. Tender plants are protected in a greenhouse from temperature fluctuations, hazardous bugs, and high winds, while diffused sunlight promotes optimal plant growth.

A small portable greenhouse is perfect for anyone who has a modest home or only wishes to cultivate a few herbs. Seedlings, fragile plants, and small plants can all be sown together.

Portable greenhouses are readily available on the market in a wide variety of sizes. The Quictent Portable Greenhouse is the diamond in its crown. Regardless of where you live, this Quictent portable greenhouse will allow you to extend the growing season for your flowers and plants.



Since the dawn of the twenty-first century, Quictent has been tremendously successful in the tent business. As a professional tent manufacturing company with its own core production technology, it has been developing incredible products for over a decade.

The premium materials used in the design and construction of this huge Quictent portable greenhouse ensure its long-term resilience against the elements of the weather. A zippered front entrance and side vents help circulate air inside the cover, which also protects it from the elements. It’s composed of waterproof material and works great for starting or safeguarding plants and flowers.

Below, we’ll explore the amazing features of this fantastic portable greenhouse in detail!


Build Materials

If you’re looking for a metal that is durable, steel is your best option. Steel comes in a variety of forms. Depending on the application, certain frames may be powder-coated steel, while others may be galvanized steel. Steel becomes more resistant to water and corrosion as a result of these processes.

The Quictent Portable Greenhouse is constructed of powder-coated steel frame and central rails for added stability against the weather. This high-quality, huge portable greenhouse is available in two sizes: 12′ x 7′ x 7′ and 20′ x 10′ x 7′.

The one-piece rip-stop cover is UV coated and has a zippered front door as well as six side vents to provide additional ventilation when needed. It is constructed of a completely waterproof material that is excellent for starting or maintaining plants and flowers.

Transparent polymer material allows the plant to get the maximum amount of solar energy while maintaining a warmer temperature. The use of reinforced PE leno makes the cover more durable than standard polyethylene.


Quictent Portable Greenhouse


Double Zippered Doors

There are two double zippered front and back doors on this portable greenhouse. These doors provide you with two entrances to the tunnel greenhouse, making it easy to transfer plants and operate, as well as allowing you to vent at your convenience. Six exhaust vents with mesh screens keep pests out and provide for complete ventilation on hot days.

The high-quality zipper on each of the doors is double-sided, which allows the doors to be opened and closed from the outside as well as the inside. The distinct zippers on the mesh doors make it easier to operate each door according to your requirements, and they also improve the overall operational quality of the portable greenhouse. During the summer, they provide great protection against mosquitoes and a variety of other insects.


Powder Coated Steel Frame

This portable greenhouse incorporates a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame. It eliminates the necessity to be concerned about corrosion and rot. It also allows the portable greenhouse to be more stable, especially in harsh weather.

Steel, on the other hand, has the disadvantage of being quite heavy. Because of this, it can be difficult to assemble, despite its resistance to wind and other external factors. The majority of steel greenhouses are quite large.


Cover Design

Quictent’s overlong cover design ensures that the portable greenhouse is airtight and secure. You can either fix it into the ground or place brick, sandbag, or other weights around the sides to increase the stability of the structure.


Transparent Polyethylene Cover

Polyethylene is the most widely used of all the cover materials. Polyethylene is suitable for both commercial and residential applications because it allows sufficient light to pass through while remaining UV resistant. In addition to being thicker and more insulating, a twin-walled polyethylene cover is also available.

This Quictent portable greenhouse has a heavy-duty two-layer polyethylene cover with reinforcing mesh that is molded into it. This translucent polyethylene cover is completely waterproof and allows for the transmission of 85 percent of the available sunlight.

This polyethylene cover shields your plants from ultraviolet rays, preventing them from being scorched. Growing vegetables, tropical plants, fruiting plants, and herbs under a completely closed cover ensures that high humidity levels are maintained.

Because polyethylene can be poked or pulled apart by twigs and other similar items, it has the disadvantage of being more expensive to manufacture. Furthermore, it has a short lifespan, lasting between 2 and 5 years for pure PE and up to 10 years for twin-walled PE.


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Velcro and Plastic Buckle

Using Velcro and a plastic clasp, the Quictent Portable Greenhouse can be completely closed. The expanded Velcro allows for a more secure attachment of the cover to the frame, so enhancing the stability of this portable greenhouse.



The Quictent Portable Greenhouse is straightforward to assemble and is ideal for use by the entire family. There are eight bases and sixteen stakes to ensure the greatest amount of stability. It also improves the portable greenhouse’s ability to withstand the elements, such as snow and strong winds.



Quictent has been dominating the tent business since the beginning of the twenty-first century, and they take pride in the excellence of their products and the after-sales support they provide. The Quictent Portable Greenhouse comes with a one-year warranty on all poles, a six-month warranty on the cover, and a lifetime replacement guarantee on connectors.


Alternative Choices

If you are open to other options that can serve you just as well or better, you can check out the following portable greenhouses.



You can consider this Quictent portable greenhouse if you want a large greenhouse for growing a lot of crops but yet want to be able to move it around as needed. It has a nice appearance, is well-made, and is simple to assemble despite its size.

However, there are no shelves in this greenhouse, which makes it inferior to other portable greenhouses on the market; for instance, Ohuhu Walk-in Greenhouse. This free-standing shelf system, for example, will not suffice for some gardeners.

Aside from that, it’s a fantastic greenhouse and well worth the money.

If you want to explore more terrific options for portable greenhouses and learn how to choose the perfect one for your personal needs and preferences, you can go through our complete buying guide to make your shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.

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