Yard Butler Twist Tiller Review: The Best Hand Tiller to Work on Your Garden’s Soil Affordably

Yard Butler Twist Tiller Review

The tools you use in gardening determine your level of excellence in it. And those with a green thumb will eagerly invest a significant amount of time in their search for the best tools and accessories for their specific needs. A tiller is one of the most vital tools we may have in our toolbox, as these handy little devices can assist us in creating garden beds and patches and ridding the yard of weeds.

Tillers may perform various tasks, including aerating your soil, mixing soil additives, removing undesired weeds, and more. Hand tillers, on the other hand, are similar to any other tool in that some are significantly better than others. That is why it is critical to select the hand tiller that is most appropriate for you and your requirements.

Today, we’ll review one of the most notable hand tillers on the market right now: the Yard Butler Twist Tiller. With this twist tiller, you can transform your passion for gardening and farming into an even more enjoyable hobby. Using this tool, you can manage your garden on your own, and you won’t have to worry about producing any unnecessary mess.



Jim Wright, a veteran gardener and the first Yard Butler to serve customers started Yard Butler over 60 years ago. After weeding, hoops, tilling, and planting for tens of thousands of hours, he continually looked for a more efficient method. Yard Butler stays true to his initial vision by providing high-quality, creative solutions for most common yard and gardening duties. Its tools are trustworthy and durable.

Using their flagship product, the Yard Butler Twist Tiller, you can simply undertake planting and weeding tasks without the need to hire a gardener to take care of your green companions. Using the product’s effortless loosening and turning qualities and its tilling and aeration capabilities, you can aid promote the free passage of water, air, and fertilizer to the roots of the plants.

Let’s dig down into the Yard Butler Twist Tiller’s great features.



The overall length of the hand tiller will be an important issue. If it’s too short, you’ll have to lean down every time you use it, which is inconvenient. A longer tiller may be preferable if you suffer from back problems.

Picking a long-handled tiller that is right for your height is essential if you want to avoid back and shoulder strain while using it. While standing upright, you’re supposed to be able to hold your tiller in your hands comfortably. If you’re bent over or leaning over, the handle length is insufficient for you to work comfortably.

The Yard Butler Twist Tiller, which stands 38 inches tall, has been ergonomically engineered to be comfortable to work with and avoid back strain. Furthermore, the 12-inch handle helps users twist the tiller with less effort than otherwise. When working with the tool, the foot bar gives additional leverage.



As is the case with most products, the quality of the construction is one of the most important elements to consider.  The material used in constructing a hand tiller will affect the durability of the tool and the kind of soil that it can plow. In addition, the perfect hand tiller should be simple to clean and durable enough to last for several years.

Best-in-class hand tillers are constructed of high-grade steel, with handles that are either steel or solid wood in construction. Hand tillers should withstand a reasonable level of abuse without bending or cracking, which means they must be sturdy and constructed from high-quality materials to meet this need.

The quality of the build on the Yard Butler Twist Tiller is exceptional, in our opinion. Everything is made of steel from claw to grip, and the shaft is a solid 1/2″ powder-coated steel shaft, so there are no wooden pieces to break or weak areas.

The sharp-angled claw tines are properly spaced for cultivating or tilling, and with a few twists, you’ll be able to transform a hard stretch of ground into loose aerated soil. A large steel-made footplate lets you put your weight on the spikes, which helps them sink deeper into the earth.

Yard Butler Twist Tiller


The Grip

Aside from the ergonomic form of the handle, another important feature to look for in the best twist tiller is its size. When shopping for hand tillers, be sure to go for one with a solid handle grip. After gripping the handle for an extended period, your hands must not slide.

A few Yard Butler Twist Tiller users complained that the handle could use a little more padding because they were getting blisters on their hands due to using the tool, but they were still happy to recommend the tiller despite this issue.


The Tines

The tines of a hand tiller are, in many ways, the most crucial portion of the machine. The quality and design of these tines significantly impact how well this tool will perform for you.

Tines constructed of durable materials are what you’re looking for. This prevents them from deforming or collapsing while in use. Other than that, your tiller will be only slightly handier than your rusted old rake.

The Yard Butler Twist Tiller’s tines are 5 inches long and made of high-quality steel, making them ideal for heavy-duty gardening tasks. The robust, sharp, angled claws make it one of the greatest handheld tiller alternatives available on the market, providing you have the necessary strength to operate it properly. These claws make quick work of soil and weeds, making them helpful for a variety of tasks other than merely preparing garden beds.

The arrangement of the claw’s spikes is a little closer together. This might benefit certain gardeners, but it can also be a significant disadvantage for those who have large stones hiding in their soil. The wider distribution of tines allows them to move more easily through the dirt, but the smaller spacing causes them to hit a rock and become stuck.


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If you have a weak back, fragile knees, or otherwise have difficulty working with heavy tools, something smaller, lightweight, and telescoping should be your first choice. When working with heavier hand tillers, gardeners who don’t bother a few more pounds of weight will achieve better results because they can use more force.

The Yard Butler Twist Tiller is 4.5 pounds in total weight. This is one of the heaviest hand tillers currently available on the market. Because of this, if you are sure of your strength and abilities, you should consider purchasing this hand tiller.



The Yard Butler Twist Tiller’s super wide, highly leveraged handle and weight-centering center step plate force six claw spikes deep into the ground, tearing up the hard compacted upper layer of soil. This facilitates weeding and planting and the free flow of water, air, and fertilizer, resulting in a healthier and more attractive garden.

The Twist Tiller may also be used to mix compost, apply soil additives, and dig planting holes. It’s ideal for preparing raised bed gardens for veggies or flowers, and it works faster and more efficiently than other tools.


Price and Warranty

Compared to electric or gas-powered models, the Yard Butler Twist Tiller is a bargain at about $40. At this pricing, you’ll get exceptional quality and value for your money.

Yard Butler Twist Tiller has a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship. Thus, you can be assured that you are getting a garden tool of the highest quality and reliability, one that you will be able to use for many years.



Anyone who loves gardening should surely consider the Yard Butler Twist Tiller as their first choice. If you’re seeking a bargain, this is a great option. For flower beds, small gardens, and large planters, the Yard Butler Twist Tiller is a great tool for breaking ground and maintaining them.

For more information on other great hand tillers available on the market and how to select the best one for you, see our in-depth hand tiller buying guide.


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